Ducane is dedicated to providing high-quality HVAC systems at an outstanding value. This guide is designed to help homeowners sort through the various types and models of Ducane air conditioners, and locate the best fit for your specific needs.

Types of Ducane air conditioners

Ducane air conditioners are available in three basic types: Ductless, package, and split-system. Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on your home’s size, age, and other factors.

For traditional central air conditioning, look for a split-system air conditioner. The evaporator, along with a furnace or the indoor parts of a heat pump, sits in a cabinet inside your home. The condenser and compressor are housed in a weather-resistant metal cabinet outside. Ducane offers several options with a wide range of sizes and features.

If you don’t have much extra room in your house, a package unit may be the right choice. As the name implies, all the components are gathered into a single unit that is installed on the roof or on a concrete pad outdoors. There are many different models, depending on your specific needs.

If you need to install air conditioning where it isn’t practical to add ductwork, consider a ductless system. Designed for easy installation, these systems can cover one room or several, each with its own separate temperature controls.

Ducane air conditioner models

When selecting an air conditioner, pay attention to its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. A higher SEER rating means a more efficient unit. All new air conditioners must have a SEER of 13 or above. Also, consider the specific features of the model you are considering. Here’s what to look for in some popular Ducane ac models.


This is the top of the line split-system Ducane air conditioner unit. It has a SEER rating of 16 and a two-stage compressor to further improve efficiency. The condenser fan motor is permanently lubricated and needs no annual maintenance.


If you live near the ocean, consider the 4AC16L. With a SEER rating of 16 and Energy Star certification, this highly efficient unit features Omniguard Total Corrosion Protection Technology. It will help prevent the corrosive effects of salt spray and other airborne pollutants, reducing premature wear. The nearly identical 4AC14B is nearly identical also includes a welded wire guard for additional protection of outdoor components.


The 4AC13L is a more economical choice, with a SEER rating of 13. With a permanently lubricated condenser fan motor, this heavy-duty single-stage compressor unit is built to last. The 4AC13B adds a welded wire guard to protect the outdoor components, although neither of these units has corrosion protection.


An excellent package unit, the PRAC14 features a heavy-duty single-stage compressor, a welded wire guard, and a SEER rating of 14. The Constant Torque blower motor helps reduce electric bills, while the sound-insulating cabinet quiets operation. The PRGE14 model offers similar performance, and includes an 81% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) gas furnace.


If you live in a moderate climate, this heat pump package unit can reduce your electric bills. Heat pumps move heat around, cooling your home in the summer and adding warmth in the winter. The PRHP14 has a SEER rating of 14 and an HSPF (heating season performance factor) of 8.0.


Although the SEER scale tops out at 23, this ductless system has a theoretical SEER of 24.5, making it extremely energy efficient. With an HSPF of 11.5, the 4DHPS is a great choice for anyone seeking highly efficient ductless temperature control throughout the year. It is a single zone system designed for one room.


With a SEER rating of 22.5 and an HSPF of 10.3, this unit is only slightly less efficient than the 4DHPS. It’s a multi-zone system that can connect to as many as five indoor modules, allowing you to set each room at its own desired temperature.

Ducane air conditioner pricing

The average price for a central air conditioner ranges from $1,000 to $3,500 or more, plus installation. Pricing is affected by the size, type, and features of the model you choose. Installation costs also vary depending on your existing ductwork, your home size, and installation difficulty. For the most accurate pricing, request an estimate from a local HVAC professional.

Ducane AC warranty

Ducane warranties vary according to the product purchased. Split-system and package units generally offer a 10 year warranty, and 5 years on parts (7 years for the compressor) on ductless systems. Extended warranties may be available through your dealer.

Ducane air conditioner reviews

To learn more about Ducane ac units, read Ducane air conditioner reviews on HVAC.com.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Ducane air conditioner cost?

Ducane air conditioners vary significantly in price depending on type, size, and model features. Installation costs also vary depending on the difficulty of installation and the size of your home. Ask your HVAC professional for a complete estimate.

Where can I buy a Ducane air conditioner?

Ducane partners with a variety of authorized dealers across the country. Contact Ducane for a list of local dealers in your area.

How long will a Ducane ac unit last?

The average central air conditioner has a useful life of 15-20 years. Factors such as frequency of use and regular maintenance can greatly impact this lifespan. If you live in a coastal region, a corrosion-resistant model can help prevent premature wear from salt spray.