Heil is an HVAC company owned by International Comfort Products. ICP also owns United Technologies, the parent company of popular brands like Bryant and Carrier. Heil sells high-efficiency heating and cooling products for residences and commercial businesses. Heil’s top AFUE rating is 98%, and most Heil products are ENERGY STAR qualified.

Heil furnaces

Homeowners shopping for a new furnace have a lot to consider. They should factor in their local weather conditions, fuel consumption and the furnace’s affordability. Other factors include unit efficiency and home size.

Types of Heil furnaces

Heil offers a wide selection of gas furnaces that vary based on consumer usage. Heil gas furnaces series include Ion, QuietComfort and Performance, while blower speeds include variable, constant torque, multi and fixed.

Annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings for Heil furnaces range from 80% to 98%. When considering what furnace to buy, homeowners should choose their furnace’s AFUE percentage based on the climate in which they live.

  • Warmer climates may only need an AFUE of 80% to 90%. These models include the N8MXL, N8MSN, G8MTL and G8MVL.
  • Cold climates might require an AFUE from 90% to 95%. These models include the N9MSE.
  • The coldest climates will likely need an AFUE of 95% or higher. These models include the G97CMN, G9MXT, G9MAE, G9MVE and G9MXE.

Heil furnace models

Heil offers gas and dual-fuel furnaces. Both types are highly efficient and include good warranty packages. With affordable prices and several options for AFUE ratings, most of Heil’s furnaces are ENERGY STAR qualified.

Here are a few examples of Heil gas furnaces.

Ion models with variable blower speeds

Ion 98: The Heil G97CMN is a modulating gas furnace with an AFUE rating as high as 98%. This high-efficiency model is an energy-saver that uses an Ion System Control. The result is optimal heating throughout the cold season.

QuietComfort models with variable blower speeds

Deluxe 98 Series: The Heil G9MAE includes a modulating gas valve and has an AFUE rating that reaches 98%. This energy saver offers WiFi-enabled remote access through the Ion™ System Control. It provides quiet performance and maximum heat output all winter.

Deluxe 96 Two-Stage: The Heil G9MVE has an AFUE rating of up to 96.5%. Its humidifier and air purifier provide for better air quality in the home. Homeowners can pair it with an air conditioner for a full heating and cooling system they can control with the Observer wall unit.

Deluxe 80 Two-Stage: Both the Heil G8MVL and the Heil G8MTL have an AFUE rating that reaches up to 80%. Both models have fully insulated cabinets to keep heat flowing to ductwork for consistent comfort throughout the winter months. These furnaces work better in warmer climates, where there is less need for constant heating throughout the winter.

QuietComfort models with multi-speed blowers

Two-Stage 96: The Heil G9MXE provides warm comfort on the coldest of days. The Heil G9MXT offers high-efficiency due to its two-stage operation for better temperature control. Both models maintain an AFUE that can reach 96.2%

Performance models with fixed speed blowers

Single-Stage: The Heil N9MSE provides even temperatures and it includes an AFUE rating up to 95%. The Heil N8MSN has an AFUE that reaches 80% and offers reliable heat and consistent performance. An AFUE that reaches 80% works best in warmer climates in the south.

Performance models with multi-speed blowers

Single-Stage: The Heil N8MXL is dual-fuel capable and works with a compatible heat pump and a gas furnace to provide consistent, energy-saving warmth. This efficient unit has an AFUE rating that can reach 80%.

Heil furnace pricing

Heil furnaces can vary in price depending on the state where the homeowner lives and the weather in their area. Additional factors include if the homeowner is paying for the furnace unit only or if they want professional installation.

Prices range from $885 to $1,725 for the unit only and $2,350 to $3,357 for the unit with installation included. Local power company rebates and other similar programs can also affect costs. For an accurate quote including installation, homeowners should contact a local HVAC professional.

Consult a contractor

Homeowners thinking about purchasing a new furnace or upgrading an existing one should speak to a local contractor. An HVAC professional can measure heat output in the home, indicating the type of furnace needed to sufficiently heat the home all winter long.

Additionally, an HVAC professional can help you select the right furnace for your needs. Installing a new furnace is a serious investment that requires money and time. A professional ensures that the correct unit is installed properly and works efficiently.

Heil furnace warranties

Heil furnaces offer a 20-year or lifetime limited warranty on stainless steel heat exchangers and a 10-year or five-year No Hassle Replacement limited warranty.

Heil furnace reviews

Homeowners interested in learning more about Heil gas furnaces can read Heil furnace reviews on HVAC.com.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Heil furnace cost?
Prices for Heil furnaces range from $2,350 to $3,357 with installation included.
Where can I buy a Heil furnace?
Homeowners interested in purchasing a Heil furnace in the United States can shop online for Heil furnaces through sites like HVAC Direct. They can also find Heil furnaces at a major hardware or appliance store.
How long will a Heil furnace last?
A home furnace can last typically between 15 to 30 years. However, infrequent use and mild climates can help furnaces last about 40 years. The average lifespan is around 15 years with regularly scheduled maintenance.