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By Joanna Brown
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Posted 8/1/23

For mid to large size spaces that need reliable humidification, the Aprilaire 600 humidifier is a leading choice. The Aprilaire humidifier delivers moisture throughout indoor spaces, keeping relative humidity levels balanced year-round. Learn more about this whole home humidifier to see if it is right for your needs – our video will walk you through the system, showing you the key points that make this unit a great choice for homes.

How Does the Aprilaire 600 Humidifier Work?

The Aprilaire 600 whole home humidifier is a bypass humidifier which is mounted on a 6-inch bypass duct that connects the return and supply ducts, bypassing the furnace. This Aprilaire humidifier uses the furnace’s blower motor to circulate humidified air through the duct system and into your home.

The unit’s humidistat alerts the Aprilaire whole home humidifier that moisture is needed in the air. Within the humidifier, water will move into the water distribution tray and over the water panel, adding water vapor to the air as it cycles through.

Is the Aprilaire 600 Humidifier Right for My Home?

The Aprilaire 600 whole home humidifier is ideal for use in medium to large homes, as it has the power to humidify up to 4,000 square feet. With an output of 17 gallons of moisture each day, the Aprilaire 600 humidifier keeps your entire home at the proper relative humidity levels each day.

If you’re looking for a humidifier that is energy efficient and offers quiet operation, the Aprilaire 600 humidifier is an excellent choice. As it is a bypass style humidifier, it is extremely energy efficient, using the furnace’s blower motor to circulate moistened air. Because it does not run a motor of its own, this Aprilaire humidifier makes very little noise while running.

Replacing an Old Aprilaire Humidifier

If you have an existing Aprilaire whole home humidifier that requires replacement, the Aprilaire 600 may be an ideal solution. The Aprilaire 600 is compatible for replacing the following models that are no longer manufactured:

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