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By Joanna Brown
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Posted 8/1/23

Aprilaire filters are an excellent solution to indoor air quality issues in your home. A perfect fit for Aprilaire air cleaners, gain superior contaminant control with up to MERV 13 filtration! offers comprehensive information regarding Aprilaire filter choices for your home. Check out our resources and learn how Aprilaire filters can help you breathe easier!

Aprilaire Air Filters

Aprilaire 213 Filters

The Aprilaire 213 filter is a pleated, expandable furnace filter that offers MERV 13 filtration levels. These Aprilaire filters need to be changed approximately every 9 to 12 months – more so depending on certain factors such as system usage and your home environment.

The Aprilaire 213 filter is a direct filter replacement for these Aprilaire air cleaner models:

Other Aprilaire Filters

In addition to 213 Aprilaire filters, offers information about other great Aprilaire filters available for use in your home. Check out the following air filtration solutions and see which model is right for your Aprilaire indoor air quality equipment.

MERV 8 Aprilaire Filters

MERV 10 Aprilaire Filters

MERV 11 Aprilaire Filters

MERV 13 Aprilaire Filters

Videos for Aprilaire Filters

See all the great features offered by Aprilaire filters by watching our video overviews for the following models of Aprilaire filters:

Aprilaire 213 filter overview

Aprilaire 413 filter overview

Aprilaire 501 filter overview

Indoor Air Quality Guide

Homes today are filled with many contaminants that make indoor air quality poor. High concentrations of indoor airborne pollutants can affect the health of your family as well as the safety and cleanliness of your home. Aprilaire filters help you combat indoor air quality issues, helping your family and home stay healthy while improving the performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment.

Learn more about how you can improve indoor air quality in your home with our Indoor Air Quality 101 guide.

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