Bryant Legacy™ furnace reviews

HVAC Logo IconBy Tom MoorAugust 1, 2023

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The Bryant Legacy™ furnace line is the manufacturer’s lower-end range of furnaces. It includes single-stage gas and oil systems. This line of affordable Bryant furnaces offers dependable quality, but fewer features than other models. 

Most units in the Legacy™ line are energy-efficient and their cabinets are insulated to run quietly. Some are designed for ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. 

If you’re doing research to buy a Bryant furnace, read on to learn more about the Bryant Legacy™ furnace line.

Bryant Legacy gas furnace models

ModelAFUEHeating StagesCapacity
Bryant Legacy™ 915S96.5%Single-stage26,000-135,000 BTUH
Bryant Legacy™ 912S92.1%Single-stage40,000-120,000 BTUH
Bryant Legacy™ 830SA80%Single-stage40,000-100,000 BTUH
Bryant Legacy™ 810SA80%Single-stage30,000-135,000 BTUH
Bryant Legacy™ 800SA80%Single-stage43,000-155,000 BTUH
Bryant Legacy™ 935SA95%Single-stage60,000-100,000 BTUH

Bryant Legacy™ 915S

The Legacy™ 915S is one of the most sought-after models in Bryant’s line of affordable furnaces. It’s durable and energy-efficient. It may not have all the same bells and whistles as more expensive systems, but we give this furnace high marks for value and performance.

When this Bryant furnace is paired with a matching Bryant AC or heat pump, the Perfect Humidity® technology better regulates the indoor humidity level during cooling operation. Current owners of this model who need guidance on repairs or maintenance can reference the Bryant Legacy™ 915S owner’s manual.

Bryant Legacy™ 912S

Bryant says the Legacy™ 912S model “delivers the balance of economy and lasting efficiency.” It’s ideal for homeowners shopping for value. 

We appreciate the Legacy 912S’s quiet operation and energy efficiency, which reduces utility bills. This unit has the ability to operate on natural gas or liquid propane. Learn more about the unit’s features inside the Bryant Legacy™ 912S owner’s manual.

Bryant Legacy™ 830SA

The Bryant Legacy™ 830SA is perfect for homeowners seeking an environmentally-friendly furnace. It’s a solid option for those living in areas with stringent emission requirements. This system releases extremely low levels of toxic nitrogen oxide compared to other gas furnaces. 

Though it’s not the most efficient of these affordable Bryant furnaces, we do like that the cabinet is insulated for quieter operation. Maintenance and upkeep information can be found in the Bryant Legacy™ 830SA owner’s manual.

Bryant Legacy™ 810SA

The Bryant Legacy™ 810SA is a low-cost, dependable gas furnace for smaller homes. Users can control the fan speed for maximum comfort. 

This system is a bit noisy, though it delivers powerful heat even in freezing temps. Current owners of this model who need guidance on repairs or maintenance can reference the Bryant Legacy™ 810SA owner’s manual.

Bryant Legacy™ 800SA

The Bryant Legacy™ 800SA is very similar to the Legacy™ 810SA model, but it has more capacity to heat bigger spaces. If NOx emissions are a concern, consider the 801SA variation of this model. It’s essentially the same except for its low-NOx status. 

We appreciate this system’s reliability and reputation for distributing heat quickly. For more on filter upkeep, refer to the Bryant Legacy™ 800SA owner’s manual.

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Bryant Legacy™ 935SA

The Legacy™ 95 is an affordable Bryant furnace option that’s environmentally friendly. Its ultra-low-NOx rating makes it eligible for many clean air furnace rebates. 

The Bryant Legacy™ 95 gas furnace keeps users warm. It may also improve AC efficiency when combined with complementary Bryant AC system components. The Bryant Legacy™ 935SA brochure explains the unit’s features and capabilities.

Bryant Legacy oil furnaces

Bryant Legacy™ OBL87.5%77,000-154,000 BTUH
Bryant Legacy™ OBM86.4%77,000-154,000 BTUH

Bryant Legacy™ OBL

The Bryant Legacy™ OBL is a furnace for small spaces with low ceilings. It’s energy-efficient, and it has a variable speed blower fan to maintain a consistent temperature inside. 

> Bryant Legacy™ OBL brochure

Bryant Legacy™ OBM

This furnace is a taller, slimmer version of the Bryant Legacy™ OBL. It does a satisfactory job of heating a home. The Bryant Legacy™ OBM brochure explains the unit’s features and capabilities.

Bryant Legacy™ furnace prices

According to HomeAdvisor, Bryant furnaces are about $1,500-4,500. Those in the Bryant Legacy™ line are considered budget-friendly, averaging $1,500-2,500. Bryant furnace prices vary based on the model you choose, your location, and your Bryant furnace dealer.

On top of the furnace price, you’ll pay for installation. HomeAdvisor says this ranges from $500 to 2,500. 

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Bryant Legacy™ furnace warranty

Bryant Legacy™ furnaces have a 10-year standard parts limited warranty. Exact conditions and terms depend on the model.

In addition to the standard Bryant furnace warranty, your Bryant furnace dealer might offer an optional labor warranty. Bryant doesn’t underwrite this coverage.

Visit the Bryant website to look up the warranty on your existing Bryant furnace.

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