Bryant Legacy™ heat pump models

HVAC Logo IconBy Tom MoorAugust 1, 2023

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Bryant Legacy™ heat pumps are the brand’s most affordable options. They’re ideal for value-minded homeowners who want a dependable heat pump at a low price.

The Legacy™ heat pump line operates efficiently year-round. These models provide summer cooling and winter heating to ensure indoor comfort.

Bryant Legacy heat pumps combine value and function

Bryant Legacy™ heat pump models

ModelSEERHSPFCompressorSize (Tons)
Bryant Legacy™ 215B158.5Single-stage1.5-5 tons
Bryant Legacy™ 214DNC148.2Single-stage1.5-5 tons
Bryant Legacy™ 214D148.2Single-stage1.5-5 tons

Bryant Legacy™ 215B

This heat pump is the company’s lowest-cost model that’s ENERGY STAR qualified. The Bryant Legacy™ 215B is a good heat pump at an affordable price. The unit operates at a maximum SEER rating of 15, which is a step above The Department of Energy’s minimum allowance of 14 SEER.

This durable unit runs quietly and can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi.

> Bryant Legacy™ 215B owner’s manual

Bryant Legacy™ 214DNC

The Bryant Legacy™ 214DNC is targeted towards budget-savvy homeowners who live in coastal communities. Its external cabinet minimizes corrosion from the damp salt air.

This heat pump keeps your home cool and helps maintain a comfortable indoor humidity level in the summer. It heats effectively in the winter. However, it runs a bit louder than many of Bryant’s other models.

> Bryant Legacy™ 214DNC brochure

Bryant Legacy™ 214D

The Bryant Legacy™ 214D is very similar to the 214DNC, minus the anti-corrosive cabinet. In fact, it’s one of Bryant’s most popular heat pumps.

The Bryant Legacy™ 214D heats and cools competently at a low price.

> Bryant Legacy™ 214D owner’s manual

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Other Bryant heat pump options

Bryant makes two other lines of heat pumps. Its Evolution™ heat pumps are its most advanced, with higher prices to match. The Bryant Preferred™ heat pump line is the company’s mid-range series, combining value and performance.

Bryant Legacy™ heat pump prices

Bryant heat pumps cost around $1,600-2,700, according to HomeAdvisor. Our research shows the Legacy™ line costs $1,700-$2,200 (plus installation).

Prices vary based on your location, your dealer, and your chosen model’s features.

Bryant Legacy™ heat pump warranty

Bryant Legacy™ heat pumps generally have a 10-year limited parts warranty if registered within 90 days. Certain components of the heat pump may have a different warranty.

If you own a Bryant Legacy™ heat pump, you can look up your warranty details here. Bryant heat pump dealers may offer a separate labor warranty. This is not underwritten by Bryant.

How to buy a Bryant Legacy™ heat pump

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