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By Ashley Sweren
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Posted 8/1/23

Carrier’s Comfort line is its most affordable range of mini splits. These systems heat and cool single zones effectively.

The Comfort line is the only one that includes Carrier ductless AC mini split equipment. Additionally, it features a heat pump and wall unit that can heat and cool.

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Carrier Comfort mini split models

ModelUnit typeSEERHSPFSound level (decibels)
Carrier Comfort 38MHRBQ mini splitOutdoor ductless heat pump19.810.650.5
Carrier Comfort 38MHRBC mini splitOutdoor ductless AC compressor19N/A50.5
Carrier 40MHHQ mini splitIndoor wall mountVariesVaries27
Carrier 40MHHC mini splitIndoor wall mountVariesVaries27

Carrier Comfort 38MHRBQ mini split

This is the most affordable Carrier ductless heat pump for a mini split. It supports single-zone systems.

The Carrier Comfort 38MHRBQ is compact and easy to install. It’s a great unit for small spaces like a workshop or guest quarters. Learn which units this model is compatible with inside the Carrier Comfort 38MHRBQ brochure.

Carrier Comfort 38MHRBC mini split

The Comfort 38MHRBC is an air conditioning unit – it does not heat like other Carrier mini split systems. It’s a single-zone system that works well with wall-mounted cabinets.

This Carrier ductless AC comes up to speed quickly to cool rooms fast. Though it gets the job done, it can be a bit noisy when cycling. Learn which units this model is compatible with inside the Carrier Comfort 38MHRBC brochure.

carrier mini split ac

Carrier Comfort 40MHHQ mini split

The Carrier Comfort 40MHHQ is the brand’s economical indoor cabinet for its heat pump systems. It’s budget-friendly, but heats and cools competently.

You can change the temperature and fan speed of the 40MHHQ with a handheld remote. It also features adjustable louvers to control the direction of the air. The Carrier Comfort 40MHHQ owner’s manual helps in understanding operating modes, safety features, and other elements of this model.

Carrier Comfort 40MHHC mini split

This indoor wall-mounted unit is specifically for use with the 38MHRBC Carrier ductless AC. It combines efficiency and affordability.

The 40MHHC Carrier air conditioner is for single-zone systems. It’s a great alternative to window air conditioners. For current owners of this model, the Carrier Comfort 40MHHC owner’s manual supports with upkeep and part recognition.

Other Carrier mini split options

Carrier makes two other mini split lines. Its Infinity mini splits are the company’s most upscale systems with high-tech features.

The Carrier Performance line provides the best flexibility and variety at a moderate price. 

If you only need your mini split to cool, though, the Comfort line is for you. It’s the only line that offers a Carrier ductless AC.

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Carrier Comfort mini split prices

According to HomeAdvisor, mini splits cost $875-6,000, including installation. Carrier systems are considered mid-range to high-end compared to alternatives.

Our research indicates a single-zone Carrier Comfort mini split costs about $2,600. Prices vary based on your location and dealer.

A system with a Carrier ductless AC costs less than one with a heat pump. The heat pump can cool and heat, while the AC can only cool.

Carrier Comfort mini split warranty

Carrier mini splits typically come with a 10-year limited warranty on parts. Your Carrier dealer may offer a separate warranty on labor.

If you already own a Carrier Comfort mini split, you can look up the warranty for your system here.

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