Carrier Furnaces and Heating Systems for Your Home

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Carrier is a trusted manufacturer of furnaces and heating systems used in homes across the globe. The brand’s vast selection of furnaces, heat pumps, and other heating systems offer a range of options to meet the comfort needs and budget of any household.

About Carrier Furnaces and Heating Systems

Carrier is a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment for homes and businesses. Carrier offers an extensive line of gas and electric furnaces as well as heat pumps, packaged systems, and ductless heating units to meet the comfort needs of any application. Homeowners around the world select Carrier heating equipment for value, longevity, innovation, and energy efficiency.

Carrier Furnace and Heating System Installation

Carrier furnaces and heating systems should always be installed by a qualified HVAC contractor. Carrier offers an Expert training program for dealers, to provide the specialized training needed to install and care for their equipment. Factory Authorized Dealers have received technical training directly from Carrier, providing detailed knowledge of the ins and outs of these complex mechanical systems. Working with a Factory Authorized Carrier dealer works to ensure the integrity of your new furnace or heating system installation, protecting your investment.

Caring for a Carrier Furnace or Heating System

All Carrier heating systems and furnaces need to undergo preventative maintenance each year. During a preventative maintenance tune-up, a Carrier furnace technician delivers expert attention needed to improve heating system function, efficiency, and performance. When you have your Carrier furnace tuned up each year, the care provided will help your furnace run better and longer, while saving you money.

In addition to annual maintenance, the filter to your Carrier furnace or forced air heating system should be changed on a regular basis. This will allow air to move through your system correctly, allowing the heating system to function effectively and efficiently. A clean air filter will remove contaminants from your air supply, improving indoor air quality. Always change your furnace filter on a schedule according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and note that you may need to change it more frequently during winter when your furnace is operating heavily.

Find a Carrier Heating System or Furnace Installer Nearby

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