Carrier heat pump troubleshooting

HVAC Logo IconBy Tom MoorAugust 1, 2023

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A heat pump does the job of a heater and an air conditioner. Since it’s working most of the year, you may find yourself troubleshooting your heat pump more frequently.

Give these Carrier heat pump troubleshooting tips a try before calling a professional for service. They may save you some time and money.

Carrier heat pump troubleshooting

Carrier heat pump is not heating or cooling

There are several things to check before calling a technician:

🌡️ Is the thermostat set correctly?
🧼 Is the thermostat dirty? (Dust inside with canned air or a soft cloth.)
🔌 Are all components receiving power? (Check the circuit breaker, fuses, switches, etc.)
🪟 Is the air filter dirty? (Change it.)
💦 Is a duct leaking? (If you can’t access your ducts to check, professionals have special equipment that can.)
❄️ Is your compressor frozen, dirty, or blocked by debris? (Clear away debris. Run a defrost cycle if you have that capability.)

If none of these actions remedy the situation, call an HVAC pro for service.

Carrier heat pump making loud or unusual noises

Clicking or rattling noises in the outdoor compressor could be loose screws or debris. If you’re comfortable doing so, turn the power off to the unit and remove the cabinet cover. Check that the screws inside are tight. Clear out any leaves, sticks, or other debris.

Hissing sounds in the home may be a duct leak. If you can access your ducts, identify the leak and seal it with duct tape.

If you hear whistling inside, it might be time to change your air filter.

Contact a trusted HVAC contractor if you’re not confident doing these tasks yourself. Have a pro look into other noises like squealing or rattling. It’s likely a more serious issue.

Carrier heat pump is irregularly turning on and off

Change your air filter. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it could be an installation error or leaky refrigerant. Call a pro to take a look.

Carrier heat pump is leaking moisture

It’s normal for your outdoor compressor to create some condensation. Most Carrier heat pumps have a drain pan to collect this. If debris or mold clogs the drain, you may find moisture around the unit.

The drain pan is under your heat pump. Turn off the power to your heat pump before you attempt to examine it.

If there’s excess water in the drain pan, soak it up with an old towel or a shop vac. Then clean the pan with a rag, soap, and water.

Potential clogs in the drain tube should be cleared by a professional.

Carrier heat pump troubleshooting: model lookup

For additional Carrier troubleshooting information related to your specific heat pump model, check out Carrier’s website or your owner’s manual.

We’ve provided links to Carrier’s current heat pump line documentation to get you started.

Carrier heat pump troubleshooting documentation


Don’t see your model listed? Look it up here.

When to call an HVAC professional

Call an HVAC technician when you’ve tried the Carrier heat pump troubleshooting tips above and still can’t solve the problem. It may be a common heat pump problem simply fixed by a pro.

And if you’re uncomfortable performing any of the troubleshooting tasks, an HVAC tech can help you pinpoint the issue.

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