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By Joanna Brown
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Posted 8/1/23

When it’s time to select a new furnace or heating system for your home, there are many quality brands you can choose from. Coleman is a trusted brand producing quality heating systems and furnaces for homes across the country.

About Coleman HVAC

For over a century, Coleman has produced reliable, rugged products for use in American homes. Coleman furnaces and heating systems are designed to deliver long-term value for users, with powerful performance and energy efficiency along with system longevity. Coleman heating systems are backed by some of the best furnace warranties found in the HVAC industry, offering homeowners more value and peace of mind.

Installation of a New Coleman Furnace

When installing a new Coleman furnace or heating system, choose a qualified, licensed heating contractor to perform the task. Working with a qualified contractor works to guarantee your new furnace or heating system is installed correctly, which will help the unit perform to the efficiency levels expected.

Coleman also has a network of verified Coleman HVAC Dealers available to assist you with your Coleman furnace and heating system needs.

Caring for Your Coleman Furnace

Coleman furnaces and heating systems should be professionally maintained each year to improve performance and efficiency. With regular preventative maintenance, you’ll find your Coleman furnace operates at better efficiency levels, keeping your home warmer while consuming less energy. You’ll also experience fewer heating system breakdowns and benefit from longer system life.

Furnace filters used with Coleman heating systems should be changed every three to six months, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Filter changes allow your Coleman furnace to receive proper airflow so it can function optimally and reduce contaminants in your air supply.