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By Ashley Sweren
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Posted 8/1/23

The need for emergency HVAC repair in Dallas is not exactly how you want to spend a sweltering summer day. It’s important to understand if your AC problem qualifies as an emergency, so we offer a few guidelines.

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What constitutes an HVAC repair emergency?

Sure, it’s uncomfortable when your heater or air conditioner stops working. But is it an emergency? We consider the following to be true HVAC repair emergencies.

How to find an emergency HVAC repair company

Often, you’re not the only one in your Dallas neighborhood having an HVAC repair emergency. They tend to happen when the weather is at its most extreme and systems are taxed.

It can be difficult to find an HVAC repair technician to fix your system in these situations. You may be tempted to hire the first one you find with emergency availability. Before you have someone come out to your home, check a few things first.

Questions to ask an HVAC repair company in an emergency

Though it’s generally important to ask for and check references, you may not have time to do that in an emergency. So, scan online reviews for red flags before choosing which HVAC repair companies to call.

Are 24×7 HVAC repair companies legit?

Many HVAC repair companies advertise 24×7 emergency services. Some of them may come out in the middle of the night if you need them. But before you agree to this, inquire about after-hours fees. You may incur an added cost for service at off-hours.

Alternatively, some HVAC repair companies may just have a phone answering service working 24×7. They’ll simply take a message if you call after hours. Someone with the HVAC repair business will call you back in the morning to schedule service.

Either way, if you’re experiencing a true HVAC repair emergency, it’s good to reach out to a technician as soon as possible.

Quick fixes to get you through an HVAC repair emergency

Try these tips to keep you comfortable while waiting for your HVAC repair technician to arrive.

When it’s too hot

When it’s too cold

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