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By Joanna Brown
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Posted 8/1/23

A failing furnace is a stressor homeowners hope they won’t have to face this winter. If it does happen to you, the cost of furnace repairs will vary depending on what is wrong with your system. Here’s more information on what you can expect to pay if your furnace malfunctions.

Furnace Repair Cost

The average cost homeowners face for furnace repair is about $250. In most cases, homeowners spend between $130 and $400 to repair their furnace. Ultimately, furnace repair cost can range from $100 to $1,000 depending on the issue with the furnace.

Furnace Cost Calculator

Want to know how much a new furnace should cost? Try our cost calculator to get free local price estimates for the top brands.

How Much Does HVAC Replacement Cost?

Average Cost: $3,250 – $12,586

Like your home and needs, your HVAC project cost will be unique. Use the calculator to better estimate your investment.

*Estimate is based on current data and does not represent a guaranteed price. For accurate pricing contact a local HVAC dealer.

$5,000 – $6,000

Estimated Total

The average cost for a new HVAC system is $3,250 to $12,550, which includes equipment and labor fees for the installation of a central AC unit and gas furnace. The chosen HVAC brand, necessary ductwork repair, and your location will influence the project cost.

Furnace Repair Cost Factors

There are a number of factors to take into account when estimating the cost of a furnace repair.

Service Fees for Furnace Repair

Furnace repair contractors typically charge a fee for a heating repair visit. This covers the cost of the furnace inspection and diagnostics to accurately identify the problem or problems your furnace faces. Furnace repair service fees vary between contractors, but costs typically range from $50 to $100. Many times, a furnace can be repaired in one visit, but if components need to be ordered, it may take some time to get your heating system back up and running.

If your furnace breaks down overnight, on the weekend, or during the holidays, expect to pay a higher service fee for emergency furnace repairs.

Common Furnace Repair Costs

Furnace repair contractors face all sorts of heating issues on the job, but there are some repairs that pop up more often than others. Here are the average costs of common furnace repair issues:

Avoiding Furnace Repairs

Your best defense to avoid furnace repairs and their expense is preventative maintenance. Furnace maintenance should be performed annually to improve system performance, increase energy efficiency, and prevent breakdowns while extending the service life of your unit. Furnace maintenance costs vary from one contractor to the next, and many HVAC companies offer specials for preventative maintenance plans to keep homeowners current with their heating maintenance needs. Expect to pay around $100 for a preventative maintenance tune-up.