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By Joanna Brown
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Posted 8/1/23

The cost of a furnace repair will depend on the type of the repair your heating system needs. Service fees typically range from $50 to $100 – the fee may be higher during emergency periods, such as overnights, holidays, or weekends. The average cost for a furnace repair is $268.

Approximate Costs of Common Furnace Repairs

Prices for furnace repairs will range between HVAC companies. On average, this is what you can expect to pay for common repairs on a furnace.

Signs Your Furnace Requires Repair

While a lack of heat or a system that won’t turn on is an obvious sign it’s time to call for furnace repair, a malfunctioning system isn’t always so easy to spot for homeowners. Certain malfunctions don’t necessarily prevent your system from operating, but doing so as they are present can worsen the issue, leading to more costly repairs or even damaging your unit beyond repair.

Watch for the following signs that may indicate it’s time to call for furnace repair:

To Repair or Replace a Furnace?

When faced with a high furnace repair quote, you may question whether or not it makes sense to go ahead and upgrade to a new furnace. The answer will vary from one homeowner to the next, but these factors can help you make the decision for your household.

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