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By Tom Moor
Technician repairing air conditioner
Posted 8/1/23

Homeowners today have many great options for heating and cooling! Mini-split heat pump installation is one that’ll transform the comfort and energy efficiency of your abode. Learn more about this efficient heating and cooling option, and how it can transform comfort throughout the home.

What is a mini-split heat pump?

Advantages of a mini-split heat pump installation

Mini-split heat pump systems offer an array of advantages to homeowners.

Comfort advantages:

Cost advantages:

Installation advantages:

Drawbacks of mini-split heat pump installation

Mini-split heat pump installation isn’t right for everyone or every home.

“Split” from your old central heating system – make the switch to a mini-split heat pump system this winter! will connect you with a local heating pro who can get the job done. Tell us more about your project and your comfort goals, and we will pair you with a vetted HVAC professional who’ll perform the installation for you!