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By Joanna Brown
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Posted 8/1/23

Subscription services make our homes more comfortable (and, arguably, our lives a little easier). We have movies on demand and groceries delivered to our door, but have you ever considered a Raleigh home ac repair program?

Seasonal HVAC maintenance is one of the top ways to prevent a system failure and extend the life of your unit. The challenge for many of us is remembering to schedule those inspections before the heating and cooling seasons begin.

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Cost of Raleigh HVAC maintenance program

One of the biggest deterrents of an AC maintenance program is cost. The average AC repair price in Raleigh comes in around $365. Homeowners should consider if being proactive about HVAC care is a better financial decision than covering an unexpected broken part.

The price for a Raleigh HVAC maintenance program varies depending on the service company. Most plans fall between $180 to $500 yearly. Benefits offered can range from twice-yearly inspections and HVAC cleaning to prioritized service calls and discounts on all repairs.

Most AC repair program agreements include:

Higher-priced HVAC service programs may also offer indoor air quality testing, warranty on parts and labor of all repairs, and emergency service at no additional fee.

Benefits of routine HVAC cleaning

A complete preventative maintenance inspection will include thorough cleaning of the primary components of your system. Air conditioner cleaning offers a bevy of benefits you may not have considered.

Improves indoor air quality

The indoor air quality inside your Raleigh home could be two to five times worse than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Considering most people spend about 90% of their time inside, a thorough HVAC cleaning means you’re likely to breathe in less dust and dander.

Reduces risk of costly AC repairs

Having a Raleigh HVAC technician inspect your system twice a year means they’re able to catch small issues before they turn into expensive problems. The average AC repair cost in Raleigh is $365. A large selection of AC repair programs cost less for the entire year.

Invest in a preventative care plan and you’ll receive two HVAC system inspections for less than one emergency call.

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Improves energy efficiency

The coil components inside the indoor and outdoor units will operate more efficiently when you dirt and debris are removed regularly. Clean coils allow the system to perform optimally and help avoid the AC from running constantly.

Extends life of unit

Temperatures in Raleigh fluctuate between the mid-90s in the summer and below freezing in the winter. An HVAC system that handles such extreme changes in climate should be serviced ahead of each season. A home AC typically lasts 12 to 15 years, and routine maintenance keeps the unit working at its best for longer.

When to purchase AC repair program

It’s always a good time to protect one of the most expensive home comfort systems in your house. However, enlisting in a program is even more important if your unit is not covered under a warranty or it’s more than five years old. Knowing an AC repair program in Raleigh can cost less than one repair call should be reason enough to invest in your HVAC system.