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By Joanna Brown
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Posted 8/1/23

Homeowners have a seemingly endless selection to browse when buying a new heating system. One of the quality brands on the market is Rheem – learn about Rheem furnaces and Rheem heating systems before buying your new HVAC equipment!

About Rheem HVAC

Rheem is an industry leader, producing quality furnaces and heating systems for home and commercial use. In business for close to a century, Rheem has a rich history of producing a broad variety of products. Today, Rheem is known for quality HVAC equipment and water heating products.

Rheem’s furnace selection includes high-efficiency gas and oil furnaces. Rheem heating options include heat pumps and mini split systems, as well as packaged heating and cooling systems.

Installing a New Rheem Furnace or Rheem Heating System

When it’s time to install a new Rheem furnace or Rheem heating system, select a skilled HVAC contractor to do the job. Rheem features Independent Rheem Contractors approved by the brand who are well-versed in all equipment who are sure to provide you with the quality installation services necessary for your new furnace or heating system to deliver the warmth and comfort you expect.

Caring for Your Rheem Furnace or Rheem Heating System

Rheem furnaces and Rheem heating systems require regular care so they can continue to function optimally and keep energy costs low. Always schedule preventative maintenance with your heating and cooling company – once per year for Rheem furnaces, and twice per year for Rheem heat pumps. A preventative maintenance tune-up delivers the service your system needs to improve efficiency, prevent breakdowns, and extend service life.

Always change the furnace filter in your Rheem furnace or Rheem heating systems that are forced air (heat pumps). Frequency depends on the recommendation of the filter manufacturer as well as aspects such as system usage and indoor air quality. A new filter keeps your Rheem heating system running efficiently with proper airflow, and prevents contaminants from damaging sensitive components within your Rheem furnace or other equipment.

Find a Rheem Furnace or Rheem Heating Installer Near You’s Contractor Directory connects you to quality HVAC companies in your area that provide skilled installation and service for Rheem furnaces and Rheem heating systems. Enter your ZIP code to find the professionals you need to keep your heating system in top shape throughout the year!