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By Joanna Brown
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Posted 8/1/23

Heating and cooling equipment comes with manuals to keep users informed of their operation, maintenance, and other needs. Whenever you purchase a new Rheem heating or cooling system, be sure to store the manuals for future reference.

If you’ve lost your Rheem HVAC equipment manuals, is here to help! Download PDF copies of the manuals you need for quick access.

Below, find the selection of Rheem HVAC equipment manuals we have available.

Rheem Gas Furnaces

Rheem gas furnaces offer reliable, efficient temperature control when outdoor conditions are chilly. The following Rheem gas furnace manuals are available for download.

Rheem Gas Furnace Customer Brochures:

RHEEMRGTM Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGTK Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGRM Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGRL Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGRK Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGPT Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGPS Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGPQ Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGPN Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGPE Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGLT Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGLS Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGLQ Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGLN Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGLE Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGJF Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGGE Consumer Manual
RHEEMRGFG Consumer Manual
RHEEMR96V Consumer Manual
RHEEMR96P Consumer Manual
RHEEMR95T Consumer Manual
RHEEMR95P Consumer Manual
RHEEMR92P Consumer Manual

Rheem Gas Furnace Owner’s Manuals:

RHEEMRGTM Owner Manual
RHEEMRGTK Owner Manual
RHEEMRGRM Owner Manual
RHEEMRGRL Owner Manual
RHEEMRGRK Owner Manual
RHEEMRGPT Owner Manual
RHEEMRGPS Owner Manual
RHEEMRGPQ Owner Manual
RHEEMRGPN Owner Manual
RHEEMRGPE Owner Manual
RHEEMRGLT Owner Manual
RHEEMRGLS Owner Manual
RHEEMRGLQ Owner Manual
RHEEMRGLN Owner Manual
RHEEMRGLE Owner Manual
RHEEMRGJF Owner Manual
RHEEMRGGE Owner Manual
RHEEMRGFG Owner Manual
RHEEM R96P Owner Manual
RHEEM R95T Owner Manual
RHEEM R95P Owner Manual
RHEEM R92P Owner Manual

HVAC system giving you grief?

Rheem Gas Furnace Specification Manuals:

RHEEMR96V Specification Manual
RHEEMR96P Specification Manual
RHEEMR95T Specification Manual
RHEEMR95P Specification Manual
RHEEMR92P Specification Manual

Rheem Gas Furnace Installation Manuals:

RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGRM
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGPT
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGPS
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGPN
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGPE
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGLT
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGLS
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGLQ
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGLN
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGLE
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – RGFG
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – R96V
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – R96P
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – R95T
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – R95P
RHEEM Furnace Installation Manual – R92P

Rheem Oil Furnaces

Rheem oil furnaces deliver comfortable, even heat throughout living areas to create ideal indoor environments. The following Rheem oil furnace manuals are available for download.

Rheem Oil Furnace Customer Brochures:

RHEEM ROLA-P Consumer Manual
RHEEM ROCB-P Consumer Manual
RHEEM ROCB-E Consumer Manual
RHEEM ROCA-E Consumer Manual

Rheem Heat Pumps

Rheem heat pumps offer energy efficient heating and cooling, keeping your home or business comfortable no matter the season. The following Rheem heat pump manuals are available for download.

Rheem Heat Pump Customer Brochures:

RHEEM RPRL-JEC Consumer Manual
RHEEM RPQL-JEZ Consumer Manual
RHEEM RPQL-JAZ Consumer Manual
RHEEM RPNL-JAZ Consumer Manual
RHEEM 15PJL Consumer Manual
RHEEM 14PJM Consumer Manual
RHEEM 13PJL Consumer Manual

Rheem Heat Pump Installation Manuals:

RHEEM Heat Pump RPRL-JEC Installation Manual
RHEEM Heat Pump RPQL-JEZ Installation Manual
RHEEM Heat Pump RPQL-JAZ Installation Manual
RHEEM Heat Pump RPNL-JAZ Installation Manual
RHEEM Heat Pump 13PJL Installation Manual

Rheem Heat Pump Owner’s Manuals:


Rheem Heat Pump Specification Manuals:

RHEEM 15PJL Specification Manual
RHEEM 14PJM Specification Manual
RHEEM 13PJP Specification Manual
RHEEM 13PJL Specification Manual

Rheem Air Conditioners

Rheem air conditioners keep homes and businesses cool using innovative, energy efficient technology. The following Rheem air conditioner manuals are available for download.

Rheem Air Conditioner Customer Brochures:

RHEEM RSPM Consumer Manual
RHEEM RASL-JEZ Consumer Manual
RHEEM RASL-JEC Consumer Manual
RHEEM RARL-JEZ Consumer Manual
RHEEM RARL-JEC Consumer Manual
RHEEM RAPM-JEZ Consumer Manual
RHEEM RAPM-JAZ Consumer Manual
RHEEM RANL-JAZ Consumer Manual
RHEEM 16AJL Consumer Manual
RHEEM 14AJM Consumer Manual
RHEEM 13AJN Consumer Manual

Rheem Air Conditioner Owner’s Manuals:

RHEEM 14AJM Owner Manual

Rheem Air Conditioner Specification Manuals:

RHEEM 16AJL Specification Manual
RHEEM 14AJM Specification Manual
RHEEM 13AJN Specification Manual

Rheem Air Handlers

Rheem air handlers work with forced air heating and cooling equipment to circulate conditioned air throughout the home or office. The following Rheem air handler manuals are available for download.

Rheem Air Handler Customer Brochures:

RHEEM RHWB Consumer Manual
RHEEM RHSL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RHPN Consumer Manual
RHEEM RHPL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RHML Consumer Manual
RHEEM RHLL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RHKL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RHBL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RHAL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RBHP Consumer Manual

Rheem Air Handler Owner’s Manuals:

RHEEM RHWB Owner Manual

Rheem Air Handler Installation Manuals:

RHEEM Air Handler RHWB Installation Manual
RHEEM Air Handler RHSL Installation Manual
RHEEM Air Handler RHPN Installation Manual
RHEEM Air Handler RHPL Installation Manual
RHEEM Air Handler RHML Installation Manual
RHEEM Air Handler RHLL Installation Manual
RHEEM Air Handler RHKL Installation Manual
RHEEM Air Handler RHBL Installation Manual

Rheem Evaporator Coils

Rheem evaporator coils absorb heat to improve the efficiency of the cooling process. The following Rheem evaporator coil manuals are available for download

Rheem Evaporator Coil Installation Manuals:

RHEEM RCH Installation Manual

Rheem Packaged Air Conditioners

Rheem packaged air conditioners combine reliable heating and cooling equipment into one convenient to install, easy to access cabinet. The following Rheem packaged air conditioner manuals are available for download.

Rheem Packaged Air Conditioner Customer Brochures:

RHEEM RSNM Consumer Manual
RHEEM RSPL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RSNL Consumer Manual

Rheem Packaged Gas/Electric Units

Rheem packaged gas/electric units combine gas and electric heating system in one convenient cabinet to fulfill the heating needs of your home or business. The following Rheem packaged gas/electric unit manuals are available for download.

Rheem Packaged Gas/Electric Unit Customer Brochures:

RHEEM RRRL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RRPL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RRNL Consumer Manual

Rheem Packaged Heat Pumps

Rheem packaged heat pumps combine efficient heat pump and air handling equipment in one convenient cabinet to deliver comfort throughout your home or workplace. The following Rheem packaged heat pump manuals are available for download.

Rheem Packaged Heat Pump Customer Brochures:

RHEEM RQRM Consumer Manual
RHEEM RQPM Consumer Manual
RHEEM RQPL Consumer Manual
RHEEM RQNM Consumer Manual
RHEEM RQNL Consumer Manual

Rheem Packaged Heat Pump Installation Manuals:

RHEEM RQRM Installation Manual
RHEEM RQPM Installation Manual
RHEEM RQNM Installation Manual

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