Trane air handlers review 

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An air handler circulates cool or warm air evenly throughout your home. Trane air handlers are marketed as reliable, long-lasting units that help keep your family comfortable year-round.

Our guide breaks down Trane air handler dimensions, models, and technology.

An air handler is the indoor component of an indoor/outdoor heating or cooling system. It promotes even and steady airflow, and it usually pairs with an outdoor heat pump or air conditioner. An air handler may also be called a fan coil unit.

Are Trane air handlers good?

Trane air handler reviews indicate the brand makes high-quality and reliable units. To determine if Trane is better than other brands of air handlers, we review the coil technology, warranty, and blower motor speeds of the three lines of equipment offered by Trane.

The outer cabinet of a Trane air handler is more durable than other brands. It resists corrosion and the Hyperion™ air handler specifically has uniquely designed insulation to prevent external condensation from reaching the internal components of the unit.

Trane air handler models

Trane divides its residential air handlers into three series. No matter which series you buy, the durable cabinet is built to outlast everyday wear and tear.

  • Hyperion™ is the premium series.
  • M Series is the mid-level series.
  • TMM Series is the standard series.

Trane Hyperion™ air handlers

Trane’s superior line of air handlers is the Hyperion™ Series. There are currently three models within the series: TAM9, GAM5, and GAF2. While the three units share a number of similar features, like an efficient cabinet design and fully-enclosed insulation, the different functions and specs make the GAF2 the most affordable of this high-quality air handler line.

The most advanced model, the TAM9, offers communicating technology. The ComfortLink™ II communicating technology connects each of the core components of your heating and cooling system. The technology configures and calibrates the air handler for optimal performance. Explore the Trane Hyperion™ Series air handlers.

Trane M Series air handlers

The Trane M Series line of air handlers combines value and energy efficiency. There are currently three models in the series: TEM4, TEM6, and TEM8. Each model features an all-aluminum coil and Vortica™ Blower, which uses less energy than conventional blowers to deliver more air, while running quietly and reducing carbon emissions.

The TEM8 is equipped with ComfortLink™ II communicating technology, making it the high-end model of this series. This model also offers Comfort-R humidity control, making it ideal for homes in the Southeast region. Explore the Trane M Series air handlers.

Trane TMM Series air handlers

The standard line of air handlers by Trane is the TMM Series. There are currently two models in the series: TMM4 and TMM5. Both models utilize a single blower speed and are the most affordable of all Trane air handlers.

These models are designed for tighter spaces. While traditional air handlers are usually placed in your attic or basement, the TMM units can be mounted on studs or over the hot water heater to save space. Explore the Trane TMM Series air handlers.

Trane TMM vs. M Series vs. Hyperion™ Air Handlers

In the chart below, you can determine which features are paired with the different air handler models. Consider the benefits of each model and consult with your HVAC professional to ensure you install the right size unit.

Air handler featuresTMM SeriesM SeriesHyperion™ Series
All-aluminum coil
Electric heating available
Polymer drain pan  
Corrosion-resistant finish
Trane CleanEffects™ compatibility 
Variable-speed blower motor ✅ TEM6 and TEM8 only)✅ (TAM9 only)
ComfortLink II technology ✅ (TEM8 only)✅ (TAM9 only)
Dual-slope drain pan  
Fully enclosed, “refrigerator-style” insulation  
Modular design for easy fitting  
Epoxy-coated coil  
Built-in 1” filter frame  
Hydronic heating option  ✅ (TAM9 and GAM5 only)
Control board pocket  ✅ (TAM9 only)
Electronic refrigerant flow valve  ✅ (TAM9 only)

What to consider before buying

Before purchasing an air handler, ask your HVAC professional about specific components of the recommended unit. We explain Trane’s coil technology, warranty, and blower motor speeds below.

Coil technology

Every Trane air handler is made with an all-aluminum evaporator coil. The Hyperion™ Series is made even more durable with an all-aluminum epoxy-coated coil. The industry is starting to move away from mixed-metal coils, as they degrade more quickly than aluminum. Trane was an early adopter of this new standard.

The epoxy coating on the Hyperion™ Series coils help keep odor and residue under control. Competing brands like Carrier offer similar coatings, but you have to pay an additional fee. Trane makes this upgrade a standard component of its premium models.


Trane air handlers come with a Base Limited Warranty for units that are registered 60 days after initial installation. The base warranty covers the coil and internal components for five years as long as qualifying specifications are met.

If you register your device within 60 days of purchase, you can extend the warranty to 10 years. The Registered Limited Warranty “covers the cost of parts that might fail due to manufacturer defect,” according to Trane.

An Optional Extended Warranty is available at an additional cost. You’ll need to speak with your Trane HVAC dealer to complete the process. This warranty covers the cost of parts and labor.

Trane warranty options are generally better than competitors. Other brands, like Lennox, will only insure premium models for 10 years. Trane keeps the warranty consistent across all its models.

Blower motor speeds

Trane uses Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) and variable-speed blower motors in the superior models (Hyperion™ TAM9 and M Series TEM6 and TEM8). These motors help you maximize energy efficiency because they can run below their highest capacity.

The only Trane series that uses a PSC (permanent split capacitor) is the TMM, which is made for extra-small spaces. Trane is on par with premium competitors by offering mainly ECM motors.

Value brands like Goodman offer a wider range of air handlers with PSC motors. We recommend going for an ECM if your budget allows. While they’re pricier than a PSC motor up-front, the monthly savings on your electricity bill will be an ongoing benefit.

ComfortLink™ II Technology

Trane offers two models that are compatible with communicating thermostats. The Hyperion™ TAM9 and M Series TEM8 models give you access to ComfortLink™ II, Trane’s proprietary smart system.

This technology senses your home’s humidity and temperature, then adjusts to optimal levels so your space will always feel comfortable. Plus, you can make the temperature and humidity settings different in each room of your home.

If you’ve got a house divided when it comes to comfortable temperatures, a TEM8 or Hyperion TAM9 air handler may be right for you.

Trane has multiple price tiers with communicating technology, which is a major bonus for consumers. With competitors like Carrier and Lennox, you have to spring for a premium model to get any smart compatibility.

Plus, you can opt out of the communicating technology and still get a premium unit. With both Carrier and Lennox, all of the premium units are communicating. If you want to stay away from smart tech, but otherwise want a high-performing air handler, the Hyperion™ GAM5 and Hyperion™ GAF2 are great options.

Note that ComfortLink II technology only works if you also buy a communicating thermostat from Trane. If you have a third-party smart thermostat that you love, a more universal smart technology like Goodman ComfortBridge may better suit your needs.

Air handler sizes

Every Trane air handler is available in multiple sizes. Air handler sizing is usually measured in tonnage.

Tonnage is not the weight of the air handler itself. Tonnage is the BTU output, or capacity, of the air handler unit. Sometimes, air handlers are sized by British Thermal Units rather than tons. 12,000 BTU/hour is equivalent to 1 ton of output.

Trane air handlers range from 1.5 to 5 tons of output. Your local Trane dealer can help you determine what size air handler you need. It depends, in part, on the size of your outdoor unit.

Trane air handler cost

The Trane air handler costs listed below refer to a 3-ton air handler.

Series/Model Number

Blower Motor Speed

Capacity (tons)

Dimensions (height X width X depth)

Cost (unit + installation) 

Hyperion™ Communicating TAM9Variable2-550” X 17.5” X 22” – 62” X 23.5” X 22”$2,525 – $3,075
Hyperion™ GAM5Multi-speed (ECM four-speed motor)1.5-550” X 17.5” X 22” – 62” X 23.5” X 22”$2,365 – $2,965
Hyperion™ GAF2Multi-speed (PSC three-speed blower motor)2-339.5” X 17.5” X 21.8”$2,250 – $2,850
M Series Communicating TEM8Variable2-547” X 18.5” X 21” – 54” X 26.5” X 21”$2,335 – $2,735
M Series TEM6Variable2-546.77” X 18.5” X 21.13” – 55.75” X 23.5 X 21 ⅛ ”$2,125 – $2,675
M Series TEM4Multi-speed (ECM)1.5-545” X 18.5” X 21” – 55.75 X 23.5 X 21 ⅛”$1,925 – $2,525
TMM4/TMM5Single (PSC)2-336.5” X 20.5” X 15” – 39.5” X 22” X 19”$785 – $1,075

Trane air handler installation

Trane air handler installation cost is $1,300 to $1,900 for a Hyperion™ or M Series air handler. TMM4 and TMM5 air handlers are less expensive to install, hovering between $200 to $400.

Installing an air handler is not a DIY job. Have a trained professional complete the work. Trane specifies that if a unit isn’t installed and maintained by a certified HVAC professional, your warranty may be void if something goes wrong.

If you’re replacing your whole heating or cooling system, ask your contractor to complete an ACCA Manual J calculation before you buy an outdoor unit. This helps ensure you’re getting the right size outdoor unit to match your air handler.

Best Trane air handler dealer

Choosing the best Trane dealer and installation expert in your area should be your top priority. No matter how energy-efficient an air handler is designed to be, if it’s not installed correctly, your home isn’t comfortable.

Review online ratings for nearby HVAC dealers. Request a quote from your top three dealers to compare labor costs. The least expensive option may not be the best.

Ask the dealer about the labor warranty. While the Trane warranty will cover parts, it’s up to you to pay for the labor to make repairs when needed. Most dealers cover their work with a warranty for three to five years.

Finally, ask the dealers what incentives they have available. Discounts are offered at different times throughout the year, so asking for a manufacturer or dealer special may reduce your out-of-pocket expense.

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