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What are the Top 10 Quietest Portable Humidifiers?

    SKU Price Description
StadlerBL-006A $239.99 “William” by Stadler Form is an ultrasonic, warm mist humidifier that prides itself for being nearly silent.  It is the quietest humidifier available and will successfully humidify your room without disrupting sleep habits.
BroksonicHM-27 $149.99 The “Middle” from Broksonic is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.  It’s small, modern design allows it to blend into any room setting, while operating at almost silent levels.
 BroksonicHM-36 $199.99 Broksonic’s “Allonge” humidifier is the larger version of “Middle”.  It is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier that can humidify an entire room while making little-to-no noise.
Crane Drop humidifier
 Crane Drop Humidifiers $49.99 Crane’s drop shaped ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are a perfect addition to any bedroom. This is one of our top humidification products as it is both extremely quiet and affordable.
Crane Adorables $45.99 Crane’s animal ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are great for your child’s bedroom. They come in a variety of animals and will offer whisper-quiet humidification specifically designed for kids.
Stadler Form Fred $129.99 Stadler Form’s “Fred” steam humidifier is one of the quietest steam humidifiers available.  It is great for rooms up to 269 sq/ft.  Fred offers a unique design that gives aesthetic appeal while effectively humidifying a room.
Vicks V745A $50.89 The Vicks V745A warm mist humidifier creates a soothing mist that gives cold and flu relief. This humidifier makes a great addition to any bedroom as it operates at whisper quiet levels.
Stadler Form Anton $139.99 The Stadler Form “Anton” is an ultrasonic room humidifier.  Anton can quietly humidify a room up to 250 sq/ft and has a sleek design that allows it to blend into any room.
Stadler Form Oskar $159.99 Stadler Form’s “Oskar” humidifier is a quiet room humidifier. It comes with a sleek, stylish design that is the perfect complement to any room.
$44.99 This Crane warm mist humidifier can quietly humidify a room up to 250 sq/ft. It has a steam medication reservoir that can be used to give relief from cold and flu symptoms.

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