Amana air conditioner troubleshooting 

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AC not doing its job? Check out our Amana air conditioner troubleshooting suggestions. We’ve listed common issues and their fixes to help you potentially avoid an expensive service call.

But if you’re uncomfortable performing any of these tasks, no problem! One of our top-rated local HVAC technicians can come out and diagnose and fix the issue for you.

Amana troubleshooting: first steps

The table below highlights common causes of AC issues. No matter what specific issue you’re experiencing, follow the preliminary steps below to rule out any quick fixes.

If these steps didn’t fix the problem, read on for common Amana troubleshooting issues and solutions.

🌬️ Check the air filtersAir filters are usually located inside the air handler and in your home. Check both for any dirt or debris buildup. Washable filters can be cleaned with soap and warm water, dried and reused. If your filter isn’t washable, purchase a replacement of the same size. All filters should be replaced every two to three months.
🌡️ Check the thermostatThe thermostat should be set to “cool” and “auto.” If the thermostat doesn’t show an accurate temperature reading, open the cover or remove the unit from the wall. Replace the batteries and dust inside and around the unit.
🧫 Check the drain panTurn off the AC at the power source. Open the air handler (the large, locker-shaped indoor unit) and check for a small tray below the evaporator coil. Soak up any water buildup with an old towel. Pour a pitcher of hot, not boiling, water over any mold or dirt buildup.
🔧 Check the drain lineThe drain line usually ends near the condenser (outdoor unit). The drain line is usually a clear tube covered in PVC pipe. Check the drain line for any clogs. Remove or separate the clogs with a shop vac or a pitcher of warm water.

Amana air conditioner is not turning on

The simplest solution is to check that the power switch on your AC compressor (the large outdoor unit) is on. You may need to refer to your owner’s manual to find the switch.

Check your electrical box because the breaker might have tripped. If it has, then turn it back on. Contact an HVAC professional and leave the unit turned off if the breaker box trips multiple times.

Check the air filters in your home and your air handler. You should change these regularly. If they’re too dusty, they block airflow and may even cause your air conditioner to freeze. Stores like Amazon and Home Depot stock them. Make sure you purchase the correct size and type for your system.

Take a look at your outdoor unit. Turn the power off and remove the cover (you may have to unscrew it). First, clean out any debris like grass and leaves. Next, use a garden hose to wash away excess dirt from the coil. Never use a pressure washer. The extreme power could damage your unit. Finally, ensure nothing is in the way of the fan.

Check the drain pan below your evaporator coil (indoor unit). If it’s full of water, soak the water up with an old towel or a shop vac. Clean any mold or debris in the pan with a warm pitcher or water. Remove the AC drain line (likely a white PVC pipe connected to the AC) and use your shop vac to suck out any clogs.

Check thermostat settings

Check your thermostat. Is it working properly? If not, it can’t properly communicate to the AC. If yours takes batteries, change them.

Open the thermostat’s cover, or depending on your model, remove it from the wall. Dust inside and around the unit. The thermostat’s sensors may be unable to read the temperature properly. Check that the screws and wires are not loose.

Set the thermostat to “cool” and “on.” Lower the temperature several degrees. Wait a few minutes and feel if cool air is coming from your registers. If it is, your issue was likely the thermostat settings. Change “on” to “auto” for ideal operation. Once you’ve made that change, walk to your outdoor unit and verify the fan is moving. A correctly operating fan is another sign all is good with your system.

Call an HVAC tech if these Amana air conditioner troubleshooting tips don’t work. You may have a more serious issue, like a faulty motor or failed capacitor.

Amana air conditioner is blowing warm air

Check your thermostat. Set it to “cool” and “auto.” If you set it to “on,” your AC will blow air constantly, even when it’s not actively cooling. That air might feel warm compared to the temperature in your home.

Check the power to your compressor (large outdoor unit). Ensure it’s turned on, as is the circuit breaker associated with it. If it’s not working, your air handler (indoor unit that blows air) is just recirculating the warm air in your home.

The refrigerant could be leaking if the compressor is powered and running but the AC is blowing warm air. If it’s leaking, you may be able to see that the coil inside the indoor unit is frosted over or frozen. You may also check the copper pipe at the outdoor unit. If it is warm to the touch, it’s time to call an HVAC technician. They can repair the leak and replace your refrigerant.

If none of these tips work, reach out to a local expert who can pinpoint the issue.

Amana air conditioner is leaking

It’s normal for your Amana air conditioner to create condensation. But if you find a puddle or water dripping, you may have a problem.

First, turn off the power to the AC. Clean up the water to avoid water damage to your floor. Soak up the water with an old towel or a shop vac.

Check your air filters. An old, dirty air filter can block airflow and cause a coil within the unit to freeze. When these parts melt, you may find water around your system. You should change your air filters every few months.

Your evaporator (large indoor unit) sits on a drain pan to collect condensation. Check your drain pan for mold and debris causing it to overflow. Clean any foreign objects out.

A drain line leads from your evaporator to outside your home, usually ending near the outdoor unit. It’s typically made of a clear tube and PVC pipe. It may be clogged, causing water to leak where it shouldn’t. Remove the tube and suck out any clogs with a shop vac. Alternatively, you can flush clogs out with warm water.

Other reasons your AC may be creating liquid are more complex. It may be leaking refrigerant or have a broken condensate pump. Call an HVAC expert to look at your system if the Amana air conditioner troubleshooting tips above don’t stop the leak.

Amana air conditioner troubleshooting resources

Amana has a product literature library on its site where you can find documentation for your specific AC model. These documents may help you identify parts or inspire additional troubleshooting ideas.

Additionally, you can look up the warranty information for your Amana AC online. If you need to replace parts, your warranty may cover them.

Call a pro if our Amana air conditioner troubleshooting tips don’t solve your problem. Or, if you prefer to leave the troubleshooting to the experts, that’s fine too!

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