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York makes an array of furnace models to meet the needs of the majority of homeowners. In this article, we’ll review the best York furnaces – its most expensive models with high-end features.

York units are generally durable and economically priced. The company prides itself on high-reliability standards.

The following York models have good energy efficiency and special features to enhance comfort.

Best York furnace models

ModelHeating stagesEfficiency (AFUE)Price RangeOwner’s manual
York TM8V furnaceTwo-stage80%???York TM8V furnace owner’s manual
York TM9V furnaceTwo-stage96%???York TM9V furnace owner’s manual
York YP9C furnaceModulating98%????York YP9C furnace owner’s manual
York YPLC furnaceModulating80%????York YPLC furnace owner’s manual

York TM8V Furnace

This is a high-quality furnace that delivers the ultimate in temperature control. Its two-stage burner and variable-speed fan combine so you experience a more consistent temperature and minimal noise.

The York TM8V is a compact furnace with impressive efficiency and performance. We recommend this unit for homeowners who want precise control of their heating.

York TM9V Furnace

Though this model is a little more expensive upfront, it saves you money in the long run with its advanced energy efficiency. Additionally, its ENERGY STAR status may reduce the price slightly via rebates.

The York TM9V has a variable-speed fan motor and two-stage heating to enable precise temperature control. It operates quietly and delivers impressive air circulation.

York YP9C Furnace

This is York’s top-of-the-line model. It integrates advanced technology to give the most meticulous users complete control of their heating system.

The York YP9Chas a hefty price tag. But if premium performance is what you’re after, this is the model for you.

York YPLC Furnace

This is another high-end furnace. However, it’s not as energy-efficient as the YP9C model, which will cost you more in the long term.

Aside from its efficiency, the York YPLCfeatures York’s latest innovations for convenience and reliability.

The best York furnaces keep your home comfortable

York makes other furnaces that are more budget-friendly. Generally, they have fewer features and may be less energy-efficient. Read more about the most affordable models.

York furnace prices

HomeAdvisor says York furnace prices are generally $950-2,500 (plus installation). The models featured in this article are on the higher end of the spectrum. Prices vary based on your location and dealer.

York furnace warranty

York is known for providing great warranties. Most York warranties include limited parts coverage for 10 years and a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty.

York offers a supplemental insurance plan called YORKCare at the time of purchase. It covers repairs for 10 years with no deductible. Your dealer may also offer an extended labor warranty.If you already own a furnace from the brand, you can look up your warranty here.

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Are you getting a fair deal?
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