Bryant Evolution™ furnace reviews

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The Bryant Evolution™ furnace series showcases the brand’s top-of-the-line models. Though the company makes both oil and gas furnaces, the Evolution™ line only includes Bryant gas furnaces. 

Bryant designed its Evolution™ line to heat quietly and efficiently. Top features include variable speed airflow and Perfect Heat Plus technology. These innovations enable your furnace to adjust to changing conditions, keeping your home consistently comfortable.

Bryant Evolution™ furnace models

ModelAFUEHeating StagesCapacity
Bryant Evolution™ 987M96.5%Modulating60,000-120,000 BTUH
Bryant Evolution™ 986T96.7%Two-stage40,000-120,000 BTUH
Bryant Evolution™ 880TA80%Two-stage45,000-135,000 BTUH
Bryant Evolution™ 830CA80%Single-stage40,000-100,000 BTUH
Bryant Evolution™ 935CA95%Single-stage60,000-100,0000 BTUH

Bryant Evolution™ 987M

The Bryant Evolution™ 987M is a state-of-the-art Bryant gas furnace and one of the company’s more popular models. It’s extremely fuel-efficient and can heat large rooms effectively. 

With modulating heat stages, this furnace always keeps the room at a comfortable temperature. Its blower fan also helps eliminate summertime humidity.

We like that the Bryant Evolution™ 987M runs quietly and helps users save money on gas. Homeowners who use this model can rely on the Bryant Evolution™ 987M owner’s manual for routine maintenance guidance.

Bryant Evolution™ 986T

The Bryant Evolution™ 986T boasts a quiet fan and two-stage heating. It helps maintain the ideal temperature while conserving power. 

The Evolution™ 986T’s continuous circulation and air ionization improve air quality for users. This Bryant gas furnace can also significantly help reduce heating bills. Refer to the Bryant Evolution™ 986T owner’s manual for more features.

Bryant Evolution™ 880TA

This Bryant gas furnace conserves energy and sustains warmth at an attractive price point. In the summer, its SmartEvap™ technology dehumidifies your home when matched with corresponding cooling components.

The Bryant Evolution™ 880TA runs well with a low noise level. For guidance on monthly, yearly, and bi-yearly maintenance, use the Bryant Evolution™ 880TA user manual.

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Bryant Evolution™ 830CA

The Bryant Evolution™ 830CA is the ideal furnace for budget- and environmentally-conscious homeowners. It’s considered an ultra-low NOx furnace, which means it emits a very low level of nitrogen oxide (a harmful greenhouse gas). 

The Bryant Evolution™ 830CA is not the most fuel-efficient Bryant gas furnace, but it heats quietly and effectively, according to Bryant furnace reviews. Current users of this model can find the Bryant Evolution™ 830CA brochure helpful for ongoing care.

Bryant Evolution™ 935CA

The Bryant Evolution™ 935CA is another ultra-low NOx Bryant furnace. Compared to the Evolution™ 830CA, this model is better for larger homes. Additionally, it’s more fuel-efficient.

In some areas, you may get significant energy efficiency rebates for installing this Bryant gas furnace. Refer to the Bryant Evolution™ 935CA brochure for furnace filter care.

If the Bryan Evolution™ models are too much of an investment for your needs, there are two other furnace lines to consider. Visit these links to learn more about Preferred™ and Legacy™ Bryant furnace reviews

Bryant Evolution™ furnace prices

HomeAdvisor says Bryant furnace prices are about $1,500-4,500. The Evolution™ line is higher-end, averaging $2,000-4,500. Bryant furnace prices depend on the model you choose, where you live, and the Bryant furnace dealer you work with. 

In addition to the cost of the furnace, you’ll need to pay for installation. According to HomeAdvisor, this costs between $500 and $2,500. 

Bryant furnace warranty

Evolution™ furnaces come with a 10-year standard parts limited warranty. Terms and conditions of the Bryant furnace warranty are dependent on the model. 

In addition to the standard Bryant furnace warranty, your Bryant furnace dealer may offer an optional labor warranty. Bryant is not responsible for this coverage.

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Bryant furnace dealers

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