Bryant Preferred™ furnace reviews

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Preferred™ is the mid-range Bryant furnace line. It includes both oil and gas systems that are durable and affordable. Bryant Preferred™ furnaces run ultra-quiet and deliver solid energy savings.

Models within this mid-tier line have consistent airflow to ensure an even temperature throughout your home. The Bryant Preferred™ range also reduces indoor humidity in the summer.

Bryant Preferred™ gas furnace models



Heating Stages


Bryant Preferred™ 926T96.5%Two-stage40,000-120,000 BTUH
Bryant Preferred™ 820SA80%Single-stage30,000-110,000 BTUH
Bryant Preferred™ 820TA80%Two-stage45,000-135,000 BTUH
Bryant Preferred™ 926S96.2%Single-stage40,000-120,000 BTUH

Bryant Preferred™ 926T

The Bryant Preferred™ 926T is a popular model. It delivers a comfortable indoor temperature at an affordable price. Plus, it’s extremely energy efficient, which helps lower your monthly utility bills.

This mid-range Bryant furnace is reliable, but we find it runs a little louder than expected. For further safety information and step-by-step instructions on how to start your furnace, refer to the Bryant Preferred™ 926T owner’s manual.

Bryant Preferred™ 820SA

The Bryant Preferred™ 820SA has single-stage heat control. Compared to the other mid-range Bryant furnace options, the 820SA is a better fit for smaller homes.

We appreciate the 820SA’s efficiency, value, and slim form. The Bryant Preferred™ 820SA owner’s manual explains valuable information, like where to locate and how to change your furnace filter.

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Bryant Preferred™ 820TA

The Bryant Preferred™ 820TA keeps the indoor temperature more consistently comfortable. Additionally, its higher capacity makes it a good fit for larger spaces.

We enjoy this furnace’s variable speed motor, which makes the fan less noticeable when it starts running. The Bryant Preferred™ 820TA owner’s manual explains routine maintenance performance and how to shut down the furnace when needed.

Bryant Preferred™ 926S

The Bryant Preferred™ 926S is ENERGY STAR certified for its high heating efficiency. When combined with corresponding Bryant AC system components, it can improve cooling efficiency as well.

With a number of potential rebates, plus high-efficiency ratings, this mid-range Bryant furnace model is a great investment for budget-savvy households. For a concise furnace check-up checklist, use the Bryant Preferred™ 926S owner’s manual.

Bryant makes two other lines of gas furnaces. Its Evolution™ models are high-end, while its Legacy™ models are more affordable.

Bryant Preferred™ oil furnace models

Bryant Preferred™ OVL87.5%77,000-154,000 BTUH
Bryant Preferred™ OVM86.4%77,000-154,000 BTUH

Bryant Preferred™ OVL

The Bryant Preferred™ Series OVL is a small “low boy” unit ideal for installation in tight spaces with low ceilings. The energy efficiency on this single-stage furnace is good, and it has a variable speed blower fan to help keep the indoor temperature consistent.

While the cabinet walls are fully insulated, this unit is noticeably louder than other Bryant furnaces. This Bryant Preferred™ OVL brochure explains how the unit’s Perfect Humidity technology keeps your home more comfortable.

Bryant Preferred™ OVM

The Preferred™ Series OVM is a Bryant oil furnace with similar features to the OVL, but in a taller, slimmer form. This unit can be installed in a closet, basement, or attic.

The blower fan on the OVM operates on a variable speed motor to provide consistent control of heated air throughout your home. The furnace itself, however, is powered by a single-stage heating unit. When the OVL or OVM Bryant oil furnaces are running, they operate at full capacity each time the unit clicks on.

The OVM furnace can be combined with a properly matched Bryant heat pump and control to create Hybrid Heat® dual fuel system. The Bryant Preferred™ OVM brochure explains how the unit reaches up to 86.6% .AFUE

If the Preferred™ line falls outside your budget, explore more budget-friendly oil furnace options inside Bryant’s affordable Legacy™ line.

Bryant Preferred™ furnace prices

HomeAdvisor says Bryant furnaces cost about $1,500-4,500. This mid-range Bryant furnace line ranges $2,500-3,500. Prices vary based on the model, your location, and your furnace dealer.

Additionally, you’ll pay for installation. HomeAdvisor says this ranges from $500 to $2,500.

Bryant furnace warranty

Bryant furnaces have a 10-year standard parts limited warranty. Terms and conditions of the warranty depend on the model.

In addition to the standard Bryant furnace warranty, your furnace dealer might offer an optional labor warranty.

Get a fair quote
The right solution at the right price. Save 20% on average in just 4 steps.

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