Do You Tip HVAC Installers?

HVAC Logo IconBy Tom MoorOctober 4, 2023


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To tip or not to tip – that is a question many homeowners often ponder when a home service provider, such as an HVAC technician, wraps up work in their home. While tipping is customary in some industries, including restaurants and hospitality, it’s less clear-cut in the HVAC industry.

In this blog, explores the nuances of tipping HVAC technicians and answers the question – do you tip HVAC installers?

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Tip HVAC Technicians

Tipping in certain industries is ingrained in American culture. This includes tipping hair stylists, Uber drivers, restaurant servers, bartenders, and waitstaff. But deciding whether to tip an HVAC technician who just installed a new furnace or a plumber who fixed a broken toilet can be a bit fuzzy for homeowners.

After reaching out to several HVAC companies to gauge their thoughts on the topic, it’s clear that tipping is completely at the discretion of the homeowner. Generally speaking, though, tipping HVAC technicians is not expected.

“In the Mid-Atlantic region, tipping has definitely become more common in less traditionally tipped industries, but the HVAC industry hasn’t been included in that,” said John Caselli, owner of Air Temp Solutions in New Castle, DE. “Tipping their HVAC technician is just not something that people in the area are doing.”

Consider the following factors when determining whether to tip heating and air conditioning technicians:

Complexity of the Job

Do you tip HVAC technicians for a complex job? If your HVAC technician performs a relatively straightforward HVAC maintenance task or repair that takes little time, you may not feel obliged to tip. On the other hand, for complex, intricate installation jobs that take time and skill, a tip could be seen as a nice gesture of gratitude.

Emergency Service

An HVAC emergency, such as a complete furnace breakdown on a below-zero night, can be stressful and scary for homeowners. Do you tip HVAC technicians during this scenario? You may be impelled to tip an HVAC technician who responds promptly and restores comfort to your home.

Service Quality

You’re unlikely to even consider tipping an HVAC technician for subpar or shoddy work. However, if your heating and cooling technician performs a complex repair or installation and provides outstanding customer service, tipping might be more appropriate.

Company Policies

Some HVAC companies have policies in place against their technicians accepting tips. If you offer a tip and the technician declines it, it’s important to respect any guidelines or policies the company has in place.

Alternatives to Tipping HVAC Technicians

Instead of pulling out your wallet and offering your HVAC technician a tip, consider the following alternatives to show your appreciation:

  • Post a Positive Review: Consider posting a positive review about the technician and their company on sites such as Google, Yelp, and Angi. Positive reviews about a company’s exceptional service can boost the technician’s reputation and grow their business.
  • Referrals: Word-of-mouth recommendations to family and friends are also invaluable to a technician looking to expand their business.
  • Acknowledgment of the Technician’s Work: If your HVAC technician performed outstanding work, email or call the HVAC company to commend the technician. Acknowledgment can help advance the technician’s career and possibly lead to a pay raise.

“For customers who are looking to express gratitude, a recommendation on local community boards goes a long way in supporting local companies,” Caselli said. “Hearing that a customer is satisfied with our work is a great way to show your appreciation. It’s the positive feedback and the community’s trust that keeps us motivated and committed to providing incredible service.”



Are you getting a fair deal?
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