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By Tom Moor
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Posted 8/1/23
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A broken furnace is frustrating – especially in Greenville, where average winter lows reach 35℉. This article will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for furnace repair costs in Greenville.

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How much does furnace repair cost in Greenville?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average furnace repair cost in Greenville, SC, is $503. That’s significantly more than the national average of $310. We estimate the average is so high due to the quantity of large, historic homes in the area.

The typical range for furnace repairs in Greenville is $140-897. Furnace repair costs can vary based on:

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Common furnace issues in Greenville

No preventative maintenance

You can prevent most furnace repairs by conducting routine maintenance on your system. This includes changing the filters regularly and scheduling an annual furnace tuneup.

Replacing your furnace filters is an easy task you can do yourself. New filters cost less than $20 each. They protect your furnace and improve your home’s air quality.

An annual furnace inspection costs between $50-100. It can potentially head off more serious issues and extend the life of your furnace.

Thermostat problems

If your thermostat isn’t working correctly, it can throw off your entire HVAC system. Thermostat repairs cost an average of $209. If you suspect your thermostat is the issue, try some of our thermostat troubleshooting tips before contacting a pro.

Depending on your needs and the age of your existing thermostat, replacing the unit may be more economical. Several smart thermostat models cost $50-120 and deliver a major upgrade compared to older units.

Installing a new thermostat is fairly simple and DIYable.

Broken flame sensor

If your furnace won’t start, a faulty flame sensor may be to blame. Check out our tips for cleaning your flame sensor.

If you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, a Greenville heating contractor can do it for you. Expect to pay $75-250 for a flame sensor repair or replacement.

Blower motor breakdown

If you don’t keep your air ducts clean, dust and debris may damage the blades of your blower motor. The blower motor is a fan that pushes warm air from your furnace through your home.

Blower motor repairs run $150-450. If the entire unit needs replacing, it can cost up to $2,000. Check out our duct cleaning tips to avoid a costly repair.

Faulty circuit board

A circuit board controls the operation of the furnace’s components. Depending on the age and style of your furnace and whether this part is readily available, it could be a simple fix or a lengthy process.

Circuit boards cost about $200-600 to replace, including labor.

Cost to replace your furnace in Greenville

A new furnace in Greenville costs an average of $4,873. Furnace prices depend on variables, including the size of the system and its efficiency rating. A furnace technician will be able to recommend the best furnace for your needs.

In addition to the furnace itself, you’ll have to pay for installation. This can range $2,000-10,000.

You may also need to budget about $300 to remove your old furnace.

When is this expense worth it?

When to replace your furnace

Furnaces last 15-20 years. If your furnace is towards the end of its lifetime, it may not be worth investing in a repair.

We recommend using the “$5,000 rule” to determine when a furnace repair makes sense. First, you’ll need to contact a Greenville furnace repair expert for a quote.

Multiply the estimated furnace repair cost by the age of your furnace in years. If the resulting sum exceeds $5,000, you should seek a replacement instead of a repair.

For example, if you receive a quote for a $400 repair on your 5-year-old furnace, you should move forward with the repair rather than replacing your furnace, as $400 x 5 = $2,000.

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