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2023 Fall Furnace Tune-Up Cost

HVAC Logo IconBy Tom MoorSeptember 26, 2023
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Fall has arrived. As temperatures start to drop and winter approaches, ensuring your furnace is in top-notch condition becomes a priority. A furnace tune-up is a crucial step in this process, but how much should you expect to pay for this essential service?, your trusted advisor for all things HVAC, consulted with heating and cooling experts from various regions of the country to provide you with insights into a furnace tune-up cost and the factors influencing it.

The Average Cost of a Furnace Tune-Up

The average cost of a basic furnace tune-up in the United States is between $80 and $150. However, additional services including duct cleaning, air filter replacement, and inspection of other HVAC components can cause the price to increase by 10-20% for each additional service, according to

John Casellie, with Air Temp Solutions in New Castle, DE, said the cost of a furnace tune-up in the Mid-Atlantic region where he operates typically falls between $70 and $130. However, if you have an oil furnace, the price may rise to $175 to $250 due to the additional time required for furnace servicing.

“The price of a furnace tune-up can really depend on a few factors: the type of system, whether you have a maintenance plan, and whether a company is currently offering any special promotions,” Casellie said.

While HVAC maintenance plans can significantly reduce furnace maintenance costs, special promotions can offer tune-ups for as low as $50 to $70, although these are often exclusive to new customers, Casellie said.

Out West, Josh Mitchell, an HVAC technician based in Nevada City, California, says a standard furnace tune-up cost typically falls between $70 and $150.

Meanwhile, Kate Pollack of Lawrenceville Fuel in Lawrenceville, NJ, added: “We charge $160 per hour plus any parts that might need to be replaced, and the average tune-up only takes about an hour.”

In the Midwest, Kent Boll, CEO of Service Today in Minneapolis, MN, adds a standard furnace tune-up can cost as low as $100. But depending on factors including labor, the specific type of furnace you own, and material expenses in the case of repairs, the average price comes in at just under $400.

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Factors Influencing a Furnace Maintenance Cost

HVAC technician tuning up a furnace

Several factors can affect how much you pay for furnace maintenance, including:

  • The Extent of Service: The scope of the tune-up, whether it’s a basic inspection or a comprehensive cleaning and part replacement, influences the cost, Cordeiro said.
  • Location: The cost of living in your area significantly impacts furnace maintenance service costs, with urban areas often having higher prices. Prices can fluctuate based on the city, state, and region you live in.
  • Type and Age of the Furnace: Older or poorly maintained furnaces may require more extensive work, potentially raising the furnace tune-up cost.
  • Service Plans: Some HVAC companies offer service plans or agreements that may include discounted tune-ups as part of the overall package.
  • Labor Rates. The cost of an HVAC technician’s labor rates can vary from company to company. 
  • Season: Prices can be higher during peak heating seasons due to increased demand for furnace maintenance, repair, and installation services. It’s recommended to have your furnace serviced during the fall before the arrival of cold weather when technicians aren’t as busy.
  • Accessibility. Accessibility also plays a role in determining the cost of a furnace tune-up. When the furnace’s location within your home presents challenges in terms of reach and maneuverability, technicians may require additional time and effort to complete the tune-up, potentially leading to higher expenses.
  • Additional Repairs: If the technician identifies parts that need to be repaired or replaced, there will be an additional cost. “For example, replacing a faulty igniter could cost you an extra $50 to $100, depending on the part and labor involved,” Mitchell said.

How Do HVAC Maintenance Plans Lower a Furnace Tune-Up Cost?

Furnace tune-ups are often more cost-effective when bundled with a maintenance plan because they typically offer discounted rates. Maintenance plans also often include discounts on repair service and priority scheduling, meaning homeowners benefit from quicker service.

Some HVAC companies offer several tiers of maintenance plans that come with various perks. Ask your local HVAC company if they offer an HVAC maintenance plan. 

Get a fair quote
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