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Lennox mini splits review

HVAC Logo IconBy HVAC.comJuly 31, 2023
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Lennox mini splits are efficient heating and cooling systems for powerful and energy-efficient comfort.

Our unit reviews below highlight the features of Lennox ductless air conditioners. After reading the reviews, you can then explore the catalog and see how the models stack up against competing brands.

Are Lennox mini splits good?

Lennox mini splits typically last for 10 to 15 years, except in coastal regions. The quality is good, but the price point is higher than many other brands. Lennox mini splits are manufactured by Gree, one of the largest mini split manufacturers in the U.S. By placing the Lennox logo on the equipment, the company is able to charge more for each piece.

The catalog includes one entry-level air conditioner model and three heat pump models. A Lennox mini split air conditioner is for cooling-only. Lennox heat pumps have cooling, heating, and fan-only modes. 

Lennox offers two units for single-zone use only. A single-zone mini split has an outdoor unit powering a single indoor unit.

Lennox also has two models of mini splits that support both single-zone and multi-zone use. A multi-zone Lennox outdoor unit can power up to five indoor units for whole-home heating and cooling.

Lennox mini splits are durable and well-made. The indoor and outdoor components are built with the quality materials you would expect from a premium brand.

Though not industry-leading, Lennox units are energy efficient. Two of the brand’s models are Energy Star-certified and support lower utility bills.

Lennox mini splits are good for bonus rooms, older homes, and other spaces where installing ductwork is impractical or too expensive. The quiet and efficient motors offer a seamless comfort experience.

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Lennox mini splits: what to consider

A mini split is a big investment, especially with a premium brand like Lennox. Learn the ins and outs of Lennox mini splits, the technology they use, and your warranty options.

Brand reputation

Lennox is known for industry-leading quality of parts. The brand uses proprietary inner components instead of generic parts.

Because the HVAC leader uses custom parts for mini split repairs, you may wait longer for a repair versus a brand that uses generic components. However, higher-quality parts like Lennox are less likely to break down when routine maintenance is performed.

Be prepared to regularly maintain any mini split. A Lennox unit will need an annual inspection, cleaning, and tune up to keep the unit operating at its best.

The mini splits are equipped with sensitive safety features that cut off the heat when the system is not properly maintained.

Inverter technology

Thanks in part to an inverter, Lennox ductless units are more efficient than many central heating systems.

An inverter is a variable-speed compressor that helps maintain steady temperatures. Expect airflow to feel even and consistent, with no drastic temperature or humidity swings.

The stabilized temperatures support lower utility bills and lower energy usage over time. The inverter makes Lennox mini splits a great choice for energy-conscious homeowners. 

Plus, Lennox mini splits are less noisy than some brands. Inverter technology prevents the system from constantly cycling on and off.


The Lennox mini split warranty changes depending on the model. The premium units may be eligible for a longer compressor warranty, but the base coverage is lackluster for an elite brand.

To claim the 12-year MLA and MBP warranty, register your device on the Lennox website within 60 days. Otherwise, the base warranty of five-year parts coverage applies.

The table below shows the best potential warranty for each model. Lennox offers a Comfort Shield® extended warranty with labor coverage and longer parts protection.

MCAFive years parts, five years compressor
MHAFive years parts, seven years compressor
MLA12 years parts, 12 years compressor (if registered)
MBP12 years parts, 12 years compressor (if registered)


Lennox mini splits are great for temperature control. With the Follow-Me setting, your Lennox mini split remote controller acts as a thermostat.

The remote senses the indoor temperature and sends the information to the indoor unit. This offers the indoor unit a more accurate reading than a wall thermostat, leading to more stable indoor temperatures.

This feature is not unique to Lennox, but it’s a nice added touch. Mid-range brands like LG and even entry-level brands like Mr. Cool use similar technology.

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Lennox mini split specifications

Lennox offers four mini splits. One heat pump model could be considered mid-range, and two models are premium quality. The air conditioner is standard.

Compare Lennox ductless mini split dimensions, size options, and more. Below, we offer more details about each unit and whether it’s right for you.

Lennox mini split heat pumpMax SEER/HSPFCapacity (BTU/h)Number of zonesMount optionsDimensions (w x h x d, inches)
MLA Mini-Split Heat PumpSEER: 24HSPF: 119K, 12K, 18K, 24K, 30K, 36K, 48K1-4WallCeiling cassette floor mount34-1/4 x 21-3/4 x 14-⅝ – 37-1/2 x 52-1/2 x 16-⅜
MBP Mini-Split Heat PumpSEER: 24.5HSPF: 11.59K, 12K, 18K, 24K, 30K, 36K, 48K1-5WallCeiling cassette floor mount31-1/2 x 21-7/8 x 13-1/8 –37-1/4 x 37-7/8 x 17-7/8
MHA Mini-Split Heat PumpSEER: 19HSPF: 109K, 12K, 18K, 24K1Wall only33-1/8 X 21-7/8 X 11-¾ – 36 X 27-5/8 X 13-3/4
MCA Mini-Split Air ConditionerSEER: 209K, 12K, 18K, 24K1Wall only33-1/8 x 21-7/8 x 11-¾ – 36 x 27-5/8 x 13-3/4

MLA heat pump

The MLA is one of two premium Lennox mini splits. This model can be installed as a single or multi-zone heat pump. Get up to four zones of independently-controlled heating and cooling, all attached to a single outdoor unit. 

If you’re in a cold climate, this is the Lennox model for you. The MLA works at 100% capacity, even down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It stays operational, even when temperatures dip to -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plus, the MLA has a wider variety of indoor units than other Lennox heat pumps. Pair the outdoor unit with floor mounts or ceiling cassettes for unobtrusive, out-of-sight heating and cooling.

MBP heat pump

The MBP is another premium Lennox heat pump. This system supports up to five zones, making it a great fit for larger homes.

This is the most energy-efficient Lennox mini split available. With a maximum SEER  of 24.5 and HSPF of 11.5 in single-zone applications, the motor balances high power with low noise. 

Plus, the MBP offers two thermostat options. You can pair this heat pump with a wall mounted thermostat or a handheld remote controller.

MHA heat pump

MHA heat pumps are efficient, but the Energy Star-certified MBP and MLA models boast better energy ratings. This is the entry-level heat pump in the Lennox catalog.

Though it is the least advanced, it is also the most affordable model from Lennox. Budget-conscious homeowners will enjoy the low noise levels and durable build of the MHA.

MCA air conditioner

An MCA is a great option for a bonus room that needs a breeze. While this Lennox mini split can’t heat your home, the powerful fan brings efficient cooling.

This single-zone air conditioner could be considered mid-level quality. The MCA is reliable and built to last, but it’s the only ductless air conditioner model available from Lennox.

Lennox mini split prices

Lennox HVAC prices usually land on the priciest end of all options. The brand’s mini splits cost about the same as comparable Trane and Carrier ductless units.

A single-zone mini split runs from $700 to $2,200, according to Angi. As an elite brand, Lennox will fall to the pricier end of that scale. Brands like York and Gree offer a wider range of affordable options.

Other factors, like your geographic climate and local unit rates, will affect how much you end up spending.

Multi-zone systems are more expensive. Materials for a complete five-zone kit can cost up to $13,000, so be prepared for a hefty investment.

When you receive a quote for a new Lennox mini-split, QuoteScore from can analyze it to determine if it’s a fair deal.

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Lennox mini split installation

Installing a single-zone Lennox mini split could cost anywhere from $300 to $1,500, according to Angi. Each additional zone adds $300 to $1,000 in labor costs.

Lennox mini splits connect to a 220V circuit. If you don’t already have one installed outside your home, Forbes suggests you’ll pay an extra $100 to $300.

The national average varies because local labor costs have a big impact on the total bill. Plus, higher-BTU units are more expensive to install.

Lennox mini split installation is best left to a professional. Improper installation can have a lasting impact on your mini split’s energy efficiency and performance.

Always contact three or more local contractors to compare quotes. Some contractors run seasonal specials, which could help you save hundreds on your Lennox split system. However, keep in mind that the least expensive quote is not always the best option.

Lennox vs. competitors

Lennox ductless mini splits are built to last, but are they the best available? Learn where Lennox models excel, where they could be better, and how they compare to rival HVAC brands

High-quality materialsLimited selection
Low noise levelsLower maximum efficiency ratings than competitors
Long-lastingLackluster base warranty

Lennox vs. Trane

Both brands are considered premium, with long-standing reputations for quality systems. Trane has a bigger catalog, offering a wider size selection than Lennox at a similar price.

Despite Lennox’s reputation for energy-saving units, Trane’s efficiency wins out. The most efficient Trane unit has an 8.6-point SEER advantage over the Lennox MBP.

Trane mini splits are made with Mitsubishi technology. Mitsubishi has excelled in the ductless space for years, giving Trane an edge over Lennox.

Both brands make reputable mini splits, so it comes down to brand loyalty. If the Lennox lineup doesn’t have the model you’re looking for, Trane is worth checking out.

Lennox vs. Carrier

Carrier and Lennox are both top names in the HVAC industry. Their brand reputation for superior quality stay consistent with their catalog of mini splits.

Carrier has catapulted in the energy-efficiency category over the years. One Carrier model has a 42 SEER rating – the highest in the industry.

Carrier also has a wider selection of indoor mounts, with floor and ceiling options. But Lennox mini splits should be quieter in your home, thanks to a less noisy fan and inverter.

Ultimately, the Carrier catalog has a wider selection and is more efficient. Lennox is still a durable option that’s better suited if you’re sensitive to noise.

Lennox vs. Daikin

Lennox has a premium reputation that Daikin doesn’t quite match. Still, the Daikin ductless catalog offers far more air conditioners and heat pumps for cheaper.

Though the Lennox models are generally more efficient, some premium Daikin models have a higher SEER rating. Plus, Daikin models are protected with a better Registered Limited Warranty. The parts coverage for Daikin entry-level models is ten years.

Daikin mini splits serve up to eight zones, whereas Lennox maxes out at five. We recommend Daikin if you have a large home, are budget-conscious, or are unimpressed with the Lennox selection. 

Is a Lennox mini split right for you?

A Lennox mini split is great for efficiency-minded homeowners. The premium brand makes durable, reliable units across the board.

Each model in the (admittedly limited) Lennox mini split catalog offers quiet operation and increased comfort. Whether you have a single room or a whole home to treat, Lennox mini splits deliver a quality heating and cooling experience.

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