Daikin mini split ductless system pricing 

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Daikin is a multinational air conditioning company based in Osaka, Japan. Founded more than 90 years ago, Daikin is known for pioneering innovations in the air conditioning market. In fact, Daikin claims to have developed the first ductless mini split.

If you’re considering a Daikin mini split for your home, read on to find the best model for your needs.

Daikin mini split systems overview

Daikin mini splits are designed to heat and cool homes (or parts of homes) that don’t have ductwork. They can also be used in partnership with systems like central heat and AC, a furnace, or a wood-burning stove. 

Mini splits typically consist of an outdoor compressor and an indoor evaporator cabinet. They are connected to each other via refrigerator tubing and electrical wiring. The compressor heats or cools the air, depending on the season. Then it pushes the air into the home through the evaporator. 

Daikin mini split installation is usually a simple process compared to other types of heating and cooling systems. An evaporator can be mounted indoors wherever warm or cold air is needed. Your installer will create an opening of about 3 inches in diameter in an external wall. The installer then feeds the wiring from the evaporator (indoor unit) out to the compressor (outdoor unit) through the hole. This means there’s no structural impact on your home. 

Things to know about mini splits

When shopping for a mini split, keep an eye on the following features.

  • Number of zones: Multi zone systems, or ductless mini splits, come with a single compressor and multiple evaporators to heat or cool different areas in your home.
  • AC vs. heat pump: Daikin’s line of mini split air conditioners can only cool your space. However, the Daikin mini split heat pump products both cool and heat.
  • SEER rating: SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Ratings generally range from 13 to 21 for modern AC units. The higher the number, the more efficient the system.
  • HSPF rating: HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. Generally, HSPF should be between 8 and 13 for a new heater. A higher number signifies better efficiency.

Daikin mini split multi zone units

Daikin mini split multi zone systems are available for heating or cooling larger spaces. They also help users keep different areas at different temperatures. With a Daikin mini split multi zone system, you can create up to eight separate zones with a single outdoor compressor.

Daikin mini split multi zone systems work with a variety of indoor evaporators, including wall- and floor-mounted cabinets and ceiling cassettes. You’re able to choose which evaporator works best in each space, and control it independently.

Daikin mini split prices

The cost of a Daikin mini split varies based on a number of elements like:

  • Your location
  • Installation factors unique to your home
  • The dealer from whom you purchase the system

Generally, a single-zone Daikin mini split AC ranges between $400-$700. The cost of a single-zone Daikin mini split heat pump is a larger investment at $600-$2,500.

Daikin mini split multi zone system prices depend on the number of indoor units and which outdoor compressor you choose. Some dealers offer specialized packages. For example, one popular online dealer offers a package consisting of one compressor plus three Daikin Emura wall-mounted units for $5,879.

According to HomeAdvisor, the cost for a professional to install an HVAC system runs $300-1,500. Additional evaporators may increase the cost by $300-1,000. 

How does Daikin’s mini split stack up against competitors?

Daikin is known for HVAC systems that are high-quality, reliable, and affordable. However, some industry experts feel the company doesn’t offer the most cutting-edge features and technology compared to competitors.

Daikin vs. Mitsubishi

Daikin systems tend to be a little less expensive than Mitsubishi’s. When comparing mini splits, Daikin’s have better heating efficiency.

Mitsubishi mini splits operate quieter and can function at a lower outdoor temperature (-15℉). Mitsubishi also has a better reputation for reliability. Both brands offer the industry’s best warranty on many units, a 12-year parts limited warranty.

Daikin vs. Trane

Mitsubishi and Trane formed a joint company in 2018 to bring the strengths of the two companies together and create high-quality mini split systems. So, comparing Daikin mini splits to Trane will give you the same outcome as with Mitsubishi.

The Trane-Mitsubishi name carries a strong reputation for equipment reliability. While Daikin will likely cost less up-front (depending on your dealer), points for durability and technology go to Trane-Mitsubishi.

Daikin vs. Carrier

Daikin’s selection of mini split systems is much larger than that of Carrier. If you need a custom heating or cooling solution for your home, you’ll fare better with Daikin.

That said, you’ll pay more for a Daikin system and the units are generally louder than those from Carrier. If your purchase motivator is value or low noise level, Carrier is your brand.

When examining performance and quality, Daikin generally outranks Carrier. Daikin’s air filtration features air generally better than Carrier’s, which is especially important for allergy sufferers. 

Daikin is also praised for holding a consistently comfortable temperature better than Carrier.

Daikin vs. Lennox

Daikin has more favorable reviews than Lennox when comparing residential air conditioning systems. Additionally, its parts warranties are generally longer and therefore more attractive. 

Overall, it’s more difficult to secure replacement parts for Lennox HVAC systems, which makes Daikin a better investment for people who plan to stay in their home long-term.

Connect with an HVAC dealer to find out if a Daikin mini split is right for your home.

Types of Daikin mini split air conditioners

ModelSEERCoverage areaePrice tier

Available parts replacement warranty

17 Series Wall MountUp to 17250 – 1,600 square feet?10-year parts limited warranty
NV Series Wall MountUp to 17.5N/A???10-year parts limited warranty
19 Series Wall MountUp to 19250 – 1,600 square feet??12-year parts limited warranty

17 Series Wall Mount Daikin mini split AC

The Daikin 17 Series Wall Mount mini split is a good alternative to a window air conditioner. Instead of blocking your view, this sleek, unobtrusive system mounts to the wall. 

This unit offers top-of-the-line features at an affordable price, including a digital display, air-purifying filter, and ultra-quiet fan.

We like that the high SEER rating and overall energy efficiency will reduce cooling bills for users.

NV Series Wall Mount Daikin mini split AC

The Daikin NV Series mini split air conditioner is a newer, enhanced version of the 17 Series. Most notably, it comes with a smart thermostat you can adjust via Daikin’s Comfort Control app.

Additionally, the NV Series is equipped with an “intelligent eye” that senses where individuals are located within the room. The evaporator changes the direction of where it’s blowing to ensure people aren’t blasted with cold air.

We especially like that this unit runs quietly and quickly cools down a room.

19 Series Wall Mount Daikin mini split AC

The Daikin 19 Series mini split air conditioner is a slightly upgraded version of the 17 Series. It’s ideal for cooling larger spaces, such as living areas, basements, and home additions. 

Unlike the 17 Series, you can control the Daikin 19 Series with the Daikin Comfort Control app. It comes with a 12-year parts limited warranty compared to the 17 Series’ 10-year warranty.

We appreciate the 19 Series’ efficiency, reliability, and quiet fan.

Types of Daikin mini split heat pumps

ModelSEEREHSPFCoverage areaPrice tieer

Available parts replacement warranty

Daikin EMURA189.3250 – 1,200 square feet?12-year parts limited warranty
17 Series Wall Mount179250 – 1,600 square feet??10-year parts limited warranty
19 Series Wall Mount1910250 – 1,600 square feet??12-year parts limited warranty
Daikin AURORA – Floor Mount2011.7250 – 1,600 square feet???12-year parts limited warranty
Daikin AURORA – Wall Mount20.312.5250 – 1,600 square feet???12-year parts limited warranty
LV Series Wall Mount24.512.5250 – 1,600 square feet???12-year parts limited warranty
Quaternity26.111250 – 1,200 square feet???12-year parts limited warranty
VISTA Ceiling Cassette20.911.7N/A??12-year parts limited warranty
NV Series Wall Mount17.59.3N/A???10-year parts limited warranty

Daikin EMURA

Available in silver or matte white, the Daikin EMURA is an affordable system that heats and cools. Notable features include the ability to control the mini split remotely, a built-in air purifying filter, and a quiet fan. 

This is a dependable Daikin mini split heat pump. It runs quietly and can really cool down a warm room.

17 Series Wall Mount

Daikin touts its 17 Series Wall Mount mini split heat pump as a replacement for a traditional window unit. This system’s slim evaporator mounts to a wall, with a compact and unobtrusive outdoor compressor. 

One of the most notable features of the 17 Series mini split heat pump is the self-diagnostics ability with digital display.

19 Series Wall Mount

The Daikin 19 Series Wall Mount heat pump is intended to heat and cool bigger spaces within a home. It’s perfect for rooms that aren’t sufficiently served by the current HVAC system, garages, or home additions. 

More robust than the 17 Series, the 19 Series can be controlled remotely with Daikin’s app and has a better warranty. It’s a reliable unit priced attractively.

Daikin AURORA – Floor Mount

The Daikin AURORA – Floor Mount system is designed to replace window HVAC systems and radiators. It can sit on the floor or mount low on a wall. Many users choose to install it just beneath a window. 

We like the evaporator’s sleek front panel and ease of use.

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Daikin AURORA – Wall Mount

The Daikin AURORA – Wall Mount mini split heat pump is similar to the Floor Mount version, but with a smaller evaporator cabinet. It mounts to the wall and blends more seamlessly with your interiors. 

We appreciate the efficiency of this system as well as its filter, which both purifies and deodorizes the air.

LV Series Wall Mount

The LV Series Wall Mount is one of the company’s top-of-the-line mini split heat pump systems. It earned the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient rating, so it helps users significantly cut power bills. Additionally, it features an intelligent eye and auto swing outlet fins, improving air flow and directing it away from people in the room. 

If you’re ready to make a big investment in your heating and cooling comfort, the LV Series Wall Mount model is for you.


The Daikin Quaternity mini split heat pump is designed especially for heating and cooling in extreme weather conditions – it can heat at -4℉ and cool at 109℉. No matter the temperature outside, the Quaternity mini split delivers a comfortable temperature indoors. 

This Daikin mini split is extremely efficient with a high-quality filtration system.

VISTA Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling cassette mini split heat pumps like the Daikin VISTA are designed for rooms where there is no space to install an evaporator cabinet on the wall. A benefit of mounting your mini split heat pump on the ceiling is that it better distributes air through the room. However, if you need an HVAC solution for lower floors of a multi-story home, a ceiling cassette won’t work. 

The VISTA Ceiling Cassette is unique because it offers optional floor and presence sensors to ensure optimal air flow. Additionally, its louvers can be closed and opened as needed via remote control.

NV Series Wall Mount

The Daikin NV Series Wall Mount mini split heat pump is a match for people who want the latest in technology and design. Its evaporator cabinet is slim and streamlined, and it can be controlled via smart thermostat or the Daikin Comfort Control app. 

Additionally, the NV Series ductless mini split features an intelligent eye sensor to automatically adjust the temperature based on whether or not someone is in the room. 

Mini split DIY or hire a pro?

A homeowner who is comfortable with mid-level home improvement projects may be able to install a Daikin mini split on their own. However, you should check with the manufacturer to ensure it doesn’t void the warranty if the unit isn’t installed by a pro.

Mini splits are ideal for homes without existing ductwork for central heat and air conditioning. They can also supplement existing heating and cooling systems that leave certain rooms hotter or cooler than other parts of the home. 

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